The Future of Marijuana **STOCK MARKET***

Discussion in 'General' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Do you think there will be a stock market in the future?
    I DO and i fell the sober ones will make SO MUCH MONEY FROM HiT Heres a picture to explain wut i mean.


    Wut do u think?
  2. I'll give you guys a headsup. If marijuana becomes legal, the best thing for you to invest in will be pants.
  3. Because I'm going to shit in and ruin every pair I own.
  4. haha tht was a nice wun
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Honestly though I don't actually think we'd see any increase in snack food sales if marijuana was legalized. Maybe a little bit, but nothing significant.

  7. We'd have less people scared of buying something because they think the person will know they're high
  8. Eyedrops, now those things may skyrocket...
  9. Woah, man, resize that pic. It's maaassive.
  10. IMHO the best thing to invest in would be medicinal usage. The whole country has to medically legalize it first. I feel that marijuana will be legalized but a slow and steady pace. The Government HATES to admit they were wrong. When i say medical usage i mean like hemp oil and what not. Hemp oil would start to be sold in health food stores and put into mixed natural medicine. So i think the way to invest would honestly be cannabis hemp. Because i think the alreadt big corperations will monopoly the marijuana smoking market just like the tobacco market. Look into it, marlboro has had the proto type 'Marlboro Green' For years in anticipation of legalization, also bought plots in cali for growing. Nice idea on the eyes drops too, hadnt thought of that. This is all just my opinion, a prediction from behind the pipe, except for the marlboro shit thats fact.

  11. People buy eyedrops? :laughing:

    I'd be happy to let people profit off of my drug use if I was able to get high, watch cartoons, and eat cereal in peace without the cops fucking over me, my friends, my acquaintances, my relatives, my dealers, my dealers' dealers, the growers my dealers' dealers' dealers' dealers' buy from, my hoes, my hos, all the other n1ggas in the pimp game, Barack Obama, Jesus, and Elvis fucking Presley all because we smoke a plant that has been irrationally banned.
  12. *when
  13. cbis,erbb,rfmk,and hemp
  14. hhaha i like ur guys ideas .
  15. That victory has me fucking speechless.
  16. CBIS rfmk mjna

  17. ya people are over talking such things because not everyone eats that shit and everybody all ready smokes the herbs:smoke:
  18. dixie elixir is MJNA stock
    Was on 60 Minuets Sunday 10/21/2012
    Front page of Newsweek this week TOO!!!
    I wouldn't wait buy it up

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