The future of hip hop is here....

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  1. Ladies and gents, I present to you Jay Electronica

    [ame=""]zSHARE - jay_electronica__-_exhibit_a_transformations___final.mp3[/ame]


    And also this track by Self Scientific ft Game and Talib Kweli
    [ame=""]zSHARE - Self_Scientific-Everywhere_I_Go__Feat_The_Game__Talib_Kweli_-2dope.mp3[/ame]

    Black Milk ft Pharoe Monch prod by DJ Premier
    [ame=""]zSHARE - 01 The Matrix _feat. DJ Premier_ Pha.mp3[/ame]
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    definitely.. im glad to see some people are up on the future of hip hop. Jay electronica is ridiculously talented, his lyrical skills are crazyy.

    i hope he receives the recognition he deserves

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jay Electronica - Eternal Sunshine[/ame]
  3. dam i just listened to that song and he's pretty good. i hope he makes it big and gives the people some new much needed hip-hop.
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