the future of cars

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  1. in the future, there will be cars that have computer generated
    images on your windshield instead of what's actually there. satellites
    will broadcast real time footage in computer graphics straight to
    your car, with loads of information on traffic, weather, or what
    have you. there will also be a third person lens that you can view
    your driving in, so that you can see a car coming around a corner
    or wherever that you normally would not be able to see. no more
    blind spots. there will not, however, be cars that drive themselves.
    man always needs to feel like he maintains control over everything.
    handing that control of a vehicle over to robotics is the instant
    robots take over the world. though the technology for robot-driven
    vehicles will be available, it will not be implemented.

    also, we will not ever fully conquer gravity. the materials that we
    were given to work with here on earth are far too heavy, pollutant,
    expensive, and scarce for the ability to have citizens fly their
    cars in the sky at cheap cost. though we have airplanes that fly and
    space shuttles that launch into space, think about just how heavy all
    of those things are, and how many toxins and what not are released
    into the air when they are used. eventually, mankind will reach a
    point in their existence where they can no longer generate enough
    power to accomplish what they desire, i.e. lifting hundreds of tons
    into the air. you would probably need something like the entire
    world's capacity of energy to accomplish such a feat, and i REALLY
    don't see all the other parts of the world being too happy with
    that idea.

    so these are some ideas that i came up with while i was high.
    what are your guys' thoughts?

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