The Future Is Happening Now

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    My friends the future has just happened. Detroit about a hour ago is in its final stages of declaring bankruptcy. 
    Why is it the future. Like I have been saying all along. Not only is the Federal Government broke but so are our Cities and States. Everyone focuses on the Feds but a bankrupt city is even 911, no lights at night, no city services. Even if you pay you get none there. 
    What I have been saying for like forever is happening right now in Detroit. Detroit a city with 700,000 people in the city proper and about 4-5 million in the metro area alone owes 11 billion in UNFUNDED liabilities. They also have 20% unemployment.
    The liberals promise and wanna hug but the hugging comes at great cost.  Now the piper is calling for the price. They intend to only pay back 10 cents on every dollar owed. 
    For the low information voter and sheep unfunded liabilities are the souls that work for the city who had a pension plan that they in good faith signed up for. If you take a job and they offer it like any other human you take it. Well now that is wiped out. Baby Boomers looking forward to retirement well sorry jack theres no more money to be had. They sucked it all dry. 
    Every worker will lose there pension most likely, every worker that had health care as part of there retirement it will be gone. Promises made 30 years ago and never worried about and never a cent paid into are now coming do. 
    You wanted it, you voted it in now you pay the price. This is the same story all throughout America. Its much more important then what the Feds are up to because it directly in real time effects your well being and while you worry about Uncle Sam your state or city which employees a huge fraction of the nations population is kaput as well. 
    Now when we hit the reset button in Detroit all that you fools achieved will go away. Out of the old comes the new. Workers who have to pay for all there benefits like everyone else. A city without the endless suckage of dollars out of there citizens pocket. 
    The first blow in the war has been shot and the Freedom Lovers are 1 for 0. It will be a long battle my friends but be brave. The endless social experimentation, bleeding hearts, wealth distribution that is not sustainable, endless benefits era is coming at a end. Struggle is what makes the human better. Constant comfort of shoving the hot dog  into your mouth to feed a body that does not resemble a human does not. Hard earned and fought for wins define humanity there twisted love diminishes it. Its a demon that whispers into your ears a simpler life but in reality makes you a slave. 
    Together one step at a time and with alot of pain well beat the them back into the pit of hell from which they came. Then one day well wake up and it will be Good Morning America once again. 

  2. It was only a matter of time. Looks like Detroit is the Greece of the US.
    Will be interesting to see how the workers affected react to this.
  3. Fuckin great. Theyre all gonna pillage and come north.
  4. Anarchy? Probably not tho. I bet they just send in the National Guard and declare martial law before it came to that.Too bad, would be fun to watch everything unfold.
  5. I just wanna smoke some weed and grow a self sufficient, sustainable garden... and pet the rabbits.
  6. Buy land, plant seeds and learn how to grow food.
  7. I fuckin hope not man  :eek:
  8. If.only

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  9. This is part of the exact reason I turned down a job to work for the city. My whole family told me I was a fool becuase the benefits are great. To which I replied "until the money runs out". They looked at me like that is an impossible thing.
  10. I swear the current baby boomer generation and most the youth are completely disconnected to the realities of their spending.. I think its similar to how a child acts as a kid, perceiving he is invincible.. adults do the same thing with the economy because their is no immediate repercussion for their poor spending action..
    This is very true. I do sympathize with the people up there everyone requires a job and if they offer it why would you not take it. That offer though conditions behavior. My Aunt out in California is do to retire at 90% of 120k for the rest of her life. As a result she has not saved a dime except a rainy day fund. Why would she? When she does the math life is good. 
    Thats the insidious part of that mentality. They strip away from you the notion of self reliance and individual responsibility. Then when the golden eggs stop coming your fucked and your to old to even save yourself at that point. 
    Politicians everywhere get elected on a State and Local basis implanting the promises. They do not care as those promises take 20-30 years to materialize. Well that time has passed. 
    Expect Detroit to be the norm not the abnormal as we go forward. 
  12. But for some reason.. people don't seem to realize that for years up until now that's what we have been telling them. We have been telling them "yeah wellfare cities and other places like Detroit will just end up like Europe"
    We have been telling them "The more of a welfare dependant state you have, the more you are bringing it closer to a socialist, technocratic, global state."
  13. Now is a good time to bring up the fact that silver and gold will not be selling this low after this month. It usually goes up after june/july and the way Detroit looks, it is only a matter of time till the dominoes fall everywhere and then where will you be? Stuck with worthless plastic and paper or physical PM's which will hold there value?......But seriously silver is cheap and I am going to go get some right now bye.

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