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    Hi all!
    After many months of research (internet,books etc.) I am picking up some clones tomorrow to begin my first grow. I have a 3x5 floor and 8 ft. high grow area and a 1000w hps... my question, besides looking generaly healthy what should I look for in a clone? Im really glad I found you guys as the generosity in this forum is rare (compared to most forums) and much appreciated. So, thanks in advance for any tips in selecting the clones and any other tips you can give.
  2. High there, if you can get hold of a rooted clone then your grow will be off to a flying start if ot then it can be a long wait until clones start to grow. Also I would veg them under a MH or CFL's if you can, you can veg under your light but you risk some real stretching.

    Good luck
  3. Look for lush green color in clones with short internodal length. If any yellowing present, hopefully its on very bottom leaf sets. Remove yellowing leaves when planting, Don't over water.......let soil/medium dry out between waterings. One of the biggest causes of clone/seedling failure is over watering.
    ^^^^ Agreed^^^^.........Plants tend to "reach" for HPS lights. If you can set up a small CFL setup and put it right on top of you freshly potted clone (2"-3"away) while it is getting established, you will promote more nodes and less stretch. The other option would be to look for an MH conversion bulb. Good luck to you and have fun.
  4. Cool, thanks for all the advice. I think I will pick up 6 clones. Can I just use a "corkscrew" cfl bulb on each clone, or do I need the whole T5 setup? If I can use the cfl's can I just put them in the aluminum clip on garage fixture thing? Thanks!! Oh yeah, my ballast does work with MH. but if I don't have to burn 1000w yet I don't want to.

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