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The fuck man.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by youngstoner, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I was awoken this morning by my mother( I live at home) to find out she found my stash which consisted of a 3ft blue roor, a new ounce of blue dream and cheese both very dank , my first piece ever which was a fumed bubbler, my grinder, and lighters. She smashed my roor, flushed my ounce, and threw out my grinder. I AM SO PISSED because she doesn't even know how much all that stuff cost me. She thinks a ounce is 20$. Man do I wish I could afford to move out.
  2. holy fuck man that's retarded, sorry that shit happened, though when you live with your parents it's like the wild west sometimes, you don't know what fucked up shit may randomly happen.
  3. its her house, so she has every right to do that, but that truly does suck
  4. AND why of all days did it have to be thanksgiving.
  5. I'm sorry this happened to you:(
  6. Put your finger down your throat and puke on the table after dinner tonight. That'll show her.
  7. You should have told her "well Happy fucking Thanksgiving to you too"

    You figuired your mom, even if pissed, could have bit her lip and not freaked out.
  8. That suks bro!...But HEY....Happy Thanksgiving..:wave:
  9. What did we learn?
  10. Dude, that sucks on the highest order. Amazes me how many grown adults believe such stupid things. I've been trying for years to get my mom to smoke. I know it would make her feel better, but she was brainwashed as a child and still believes it.'s almost as stupid as believing in Santa Claus.
  11. The only practical advice I can give you?
    Hide your stash better next time.
  12. Pics of GTFO troll

  13. No. She doesn't. It may be her house, and I can understand her taking the weed but she had no reason to smash that RooR without talking to him. She broke something of his that cost him a lot of money without even consulting him. That's bullshit.
  14. I don't know why some people are to stupid to not keep their stashes in the house
  15. That sucks, should have picked a better spot.
  16. Should I just stop blazing til I move out in a year or so?
  17. Damn I was PISSED when my pops pinched like 2 grams out of my bag last month.
  18. Why not now?
  19. That's right in a way, but does he pay rent? Is he even old enough to legally own it? She shouldn't have smashed it, but he shouldn't have gotten caught. He's under her roof, he can get his own place and then have all the paraphernalia he wants.

    You don't have to stop smoking, just don't get caught.

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