The fuck man?

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  1. Saw a kid post on face book that he made this.

    I didn't think you could possibly smoke something that caused more cancer than cigarettes but I've been proven wrong.
  2. Dude this kid needs to get beat down hahahah

  3. Effort points + 50
  4. i love the fucking title haha
  5. from the newports im guessing he's black
  6. Opposite of black
  7. ^mexican?
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    Uhhhh..... Korean. Duh.
  9. hahaha this is kinda funny i would never smoke out of it but this just doesn't look safe, plus in my state a pack of cigs is close to $8 so this is almost pointless because a nice bowl is $15-20
  10. lmfao. i would much rather empty one out and use that
  11. ever notice that the nike swoosh is on that box? they should sue newport
  12. Haha I'd rather smoke through my ass than that thing..
  13. lets not get racist people..but thats some jacked up shit
  14. Newport had it first.
  15. Plus it's upside-down and a little differently shaped if u look at it closely
  16. hey why you creepin on my facebook brah
  17. Honestly I had the same idea at one point. I was gonna slide a lil plastic thing in there for the water, then make the bowl/stem and mouthpiece detachable so you could put them inside.

  18. In nc alot of white people smoke newports
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