The FUCK is this...

Discussion in 'General' started by Misc, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Never seen a bug like this in my life... dude's chilling on my window.

  2. God damn how big is that
  3. Its a dobson fly it has fangs dont fuk wit it
  4. that thing looks gigantic with no size reference
  5. what the fuck how big is that thing
  6. WHAT THE FUCK kill that thing

    wait, that might not be allowed.. shoo that mother fucker away!
  7. poke it, see if it make your finger smell lol.. kind of looks like a shield bug/stink bug.. There are many different varieties of em..
  8. I would freak THA FUCK OUT if I saw that in my house.

    That thing would be dead AS FUCK in about .2 seconds lol
  9. That thing is scary as shit!
  10. According to wiki their fangs can draw blood, and they have a last ditch anal spray similar to a skunk.

    You should definatly put it in a jar and fuck with it. :D
  11. [​IMG]

    size reference...

    it's outside btw... think i'm gonna capture it, will post back if i die
  12. thats still pretty fucking big
  13. I love trying to identify things like this.

    It almost looks like a Cicada, but the head isn't right. Approximately how big is it, and could you possibly take a sharper picture?

    Edit: Also where do you live?
  14. Dude I would shoot that thing with a bb gun
  15. Looks like a prehistoric bug.
  16. I think I found it. Pretty sure it is either a Fishfly or a Dobsonfly




  17. Dude wen i find bugs like that i rapture them, bring em inside, rip there wings off and stick shit between their fangs and make it bite. I kno its fucked up
  18. Give you $5 to let it bite you;)
  19. DAM....................Thats RODAN!!!!

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