The fuck is my lighter?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Reppin 713, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Today I smoked a bong with 2 other Friends for the first time and I was seriously stoned off my ass I tools 2 hits of sour d and started to melt. Anyways we smoked at a elementary school under a bridge that a river goes through. So this is where it gets weird:

    I walked front my car with a purple light about 100 feet through grass got under the bridge and couldn't find my fucking lighter!

    We then walked back to my car and grabbed another lighter

    Went back to the bridge and smoked

    Walked back to my car and guess what, no fucking lighter!!

    I checked through the grass 5 times and in the river , in my car everywhere! The hell did those lighters go?!?!
  2. you check your pocket man?
  3. is it in your hand?
  4. One or both of your friends took them
  5. Dude its a ghost.
  6. lol the mystery of the missing lighter, just like the mystery of the missing sock in the dryer. no one knows except the government :eek:
  7. you totally got robbed son....
    even worse it was probly on accident
  8. It's fucking crazy I'm scouring my car tomorrow

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