The fuck is her deal

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  1. Ok so in the past my ex used to always send me messages on Facebook (oddly they never show up in my inbox) when it was activated . I deleted my Facebook for awhile , and reactivated it recently.she been on my mind so i went to her page and saw she sent a message in December, i reply back and now i can't get a convo out of her....why waste time?

    Im not looking to mess up her relationship or anything. Back then she wanted to be friends at the end of our relationship but being a immature assshole... I wasn't trying to be in the friend zone. But I grew up since then and figure i would definitely like to be her friend.

    Basically i want to know why bother sending a message but not talking. Should I just leave her be?

    worlds are cages for ideas
  2. Leave it be. I'm guessing that from her side of things, she sent you a message way back in December. You only just saw it and while she won't know that, all she will see is that you only just replied. I guess with her being in a relationship now, she's not looking to the past, she's looking forward. 
    Don't waste anymore of your time, leave the past behind ya and worry about tomorrow.
  3. Delete your facebook
    Facebook is useless and will only do you more harm then me
  4. I dig thanks for the advice

    worlds are cages for ideas
  5. Leave it be,,.... this is the case of the "whats meant to be" type shit

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