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The fuck is happening

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dopethrone420, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. When I smoke from a bong the high I get is real fucking different than the high I get from a bubbler or pipe. Anyone else get this?

    Also fuck i am really high.
  2. yeah dude i get a different high from smoking jays then bongs

    i think...
  3. yeah,cuz bong are the shit,duh:bongin:
  4. It's because of the magic weed people in the bongwater.
  5. Haha, dude... it's almost common sense that different ingestion procedures will produce different highs. :smoke:
    It has to do mainly with temperature of the burn and amount of carbon monoxide in the smoke.
  6. For someone like me who has been hitting the bong for the past year, i know exactly how powerful the high is. A joint high is nothing compared to bong high. The high is much more intense and mind engulfing, but the downside is that after a while i started getting depersonalized. But other than that bongs own :hello:
  7. yeah thats normal. You can get all kinds of different highs from different smoking devices,
  8. Jays chill you out, more of a stoned body high, and it's far more giggly and social. Bong highs are personal, in your head, floaty, and you can get that "boxed-in/movie" feeling.

    Thats how I see it and I've been smoking roughly 3 years.
  9. I'll smoke a bong snap or two in the morning, a pipe throughout the day, and a joint before bed.

  10. definitely this.. best way i've seen it put +rep
  11. I think you're all crazy or just have a low tolerance, I notice no difference between the highs from a pipe, chillum, or bong. Obviously, when you smoke bongs you usually smoke more in a smaller period of time. Anything having to do with "types of high" though are from different types of bud, unless anyone can show me evidence otherwise
  12. both cases your still inhaling smoke, bongs just create a cooler smoke, they don't alter the effect of the high.
  13. #13 Izi, Nov 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, 2010

    With a bong you get far more smoke in quick rush to the deepest part of your lungs, and you take TONS because it's cooler smoke. With a joint, you take longer smooth drags, and you can't put in AS much smoke, because it's too damn hot. And no I'm not some one with no tolerance, or some pussy smoke or whatever you want to call it. I smoke a BUNCH a weed a day, haha, but dont we all :D.

    I notice the difference, you might not, but I surely do.
  14. just high you are
  15. Yeah but theres no definitive way to say you can even smoke more because not all joint are gonna be the same size, if you got a joint with 2 grams in it, it will be fat as fuck and every puff the cherry will flare up huge style and you're probably blazing a solid .2. You can get personal snap slides that hold anywhere from .1 to a gram or more but there is nothing forcing you to smoke it all at once, a lot of people like to savor their buds. I still don't think you are experiencing an actual difference in your high, just a difference in how you percieve it because of the ratio of time/THC crossing the blood brain barrier.

    as I said, show me some proof and I'll believe you

    edit: just cause a joint has smoke that is "too hot" for you doesn't mean everybody is affected by this factor, too
  16. Ok well I'm comparing it to an average jay I have...which is a gram or so, and then a bowlpack of my bong, which is like 6-8 good ass hits.

    I'm far more fried from the bong.
  17. Know what you mean, joints don't get me any where near as high then a bong. Best way I can describe a bong hit is that it feels like brain freeze in your jaw and lungs.:hello::bongin:

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