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  1. HA!

    This, this term makes me laugh.

    I've seen (mostly men) in rl and on this forum talk about the friend zone. And after experiencing someone saying I put them in this imaginary zone, I've come to the conclusion that people who like to justify the friend zone and think it's a logical way of thinking is a moron. I've never felt more offended by another human's level of entitlement to me and my body. So what if you think I like you? I don't and I don't have to sleep with you just because you treated me nicely. Am I suppose to reward you for acting like a decent person? I say again, HA!

    What are your thoughts on the friend zone? If you believe in it, why do you feel this way? That you've been denied something that was expected or something..

    People who complain about the friend zone (witout realizing how dumb they look):

    My response:
  2. I think the issue is with people being led on. It's not really "imaginary" seeing as though people are led on all of the time (male or female). You sound very stuck up to be honest and I can tell you like attention yourself so yes you did put this person in the friend zone IMO.

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  3. Lol the way she described sleeping with her as a "reward" was a little strange. You training dogs over there?
  4. I'd friend zone you right away lol. It applies to any situation where two people are friends and one is attracted to the other but the other is not. In some cases the one who is desired will use that to their advantage but not always. It's just an slang expression used to describe that scenario.
  5. Lol why post this on a majority male site? Friend zone is almost always for butt hurt guys. Apparently you have to be a total bitch to every guy that you DON'T want to sleep with or else they take your kindness the wrong way. Didn't you know that men and women can never be "just friends?" :rolleyes:
  6. I bet you would feel different if he was sitting on a pound.
  7. Any girl who sticks around just for a pound of weed is a slut. You haven't been friend zoned. You were just chasing a slut. Stop chasing sluts who only want your weed. On the other hand lots of guys do this all the time as well. Not for weed, but for pussy. They're nice until they get what they want. Some people are just like that. Learn how to avoid these people(assholes and sluts) and no one will be whining about the friend zone.
  8. I think the OP is female :)
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    See, here's the difference OP..Although i'm not sure why i'm even bothering explaining this to you as your demeanor is that of a girl who is pretty and has her bullshit tolerated by everybody around them for that simple reason...I suppose this is for every other woman entering this thread.

    If a woman is straight up and honest with me and tells me right from the get-go that we're not going to work, or maybe even after the second or third date, Ok, that's COOL.

    When a woman is not straight up with me, uses her looks and choice of clothing to instill attraction, even may do something like sit on your lap a couple times..But never anything more. Never any thought process as to what is going on in the males head..Never any real conversation to determine if there is going to be a romantic side of things even when that topic is brought up. Why? Because you desire attention from men.

    Your going to do whatever you can to get said attention until you no longer feel the need to be desired or paid attention to by that person, and thus you push that person into the 'Friends zone' incase your next endeavour of attention getting and being desired fails..Then, guess what? You have your 'friend' there, who because you haven't been straight up and honest with, still feels the need to give attention and make you feel desired.

    Its funny though, because you claim to feel offended by the friend zone, and yet no mention was ever made about us having contact with your body. All we wanna know is what the fuck is up. Is there a romantic connection? Are you interested?

    People who want to be romantically involved with you should not be walking away from their relations with you with a bitter taste in their mouth, because at the end of the day, when they do feel like they were put into the friends zone, that speaks volumes about you and whatever semi-broken personality your working with.

    Best of luck OP, hopefully no future trips to the friends zone..Instead lets keep it in the 'Cool Zone.'

    Oh, and when you wanna address all these underlying insecurities there's a link to a thread of mine in my sig that will help you if your willing to help yourself a little bit.
  10. OP sounds like a stuck up bitch. Would friend zone.

  11. Wow, I don't really know what to say to this post, mostly because it really doesn't apply to me..

    You've made a few bold accusations in this post, sir, and I gotta say I just can't take this response seriously anymore. So instead I'm just gonna say that this post is silly. I'm actually not some manipulating bitch as men make out every girl who isn't interested in them to be...

    I'm saying in my situations, there have been guys who I don't lead on but still expect some level on intimacy from me. Am I suppose to state as soon as I met some guy "Hey, I just wanna be friends and that's it!" That's weird. Conversations like such just don't happen in reality. Just because you see me as a female and a friend and you like me (yet I clearly haven't shown any real levels of affection beyond JUST FRIENDS towards you) am I suppose to just feel bad for you misreading my body language/attitude/whatever-you-misread? No, I'm not buying it.

    It's also very funny that you assume I'm some attention-whore who feels that I am entitled to screwing any guy I please and not thinking of my actions. So I say again, you argument against the friend zone is silly, IMO, because you are basing it off of typical cases that DON'T APPLY TO EVERYONE, extreme cases at that, and using it to try and sum me up. When clearly you missed the mark greatly on this one buddy.
  12. I'll give you your points, that was a little bit of a cheap shot, but you still got 6 other paragraphs to address.

    I await your response.

  13. Ok, i'll start!

    There was not ever any mention made of you screwing any guy you please and the fact that you have to actually put that out there when nothing like that was said is a little bit revealing.

    Secondly, i make no arguments in general. I am stating facts. I know what the friend zone is. If you did, you wouldn't make a thread about it. How do you know what cases in regards to the friend zone apply to who? I am a man and i believe that every case of the friend zone can be appreciated by every man because we've all been there.

    Thirdly, if all men can appreciate the friend zone, then wouldn't all women who use the friend zone be sumed up by all men as women who use the friend zone?

    And fourth and final, what is the mark? If i missed it. Please enlightment me as to what the mark is behind creating a thread titled 'The Friend Zone', followed by a story of somebody saying you put them in the friend zone? Because to me, your looking to WHY that person thinks that way..And let me just say that he may of taken some hints wrong, some conversations wrong (That appereantly don't exist in real life? What?) but no man just feels the need to tell a woman that she put him in the friend zone without a little help. Maybe a little push..Into the friends zone.

    I've read through your other paragraphs and all i really have to say is that if you KNOW that somebody expects some level of intimacy from you, and you don't tell them, well..Wait..Haven't i gone over this already? :D
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    There you go again making assumptions..
    And what you are saying isnt fact. It's good that you hold yourself on such a high standard, but you word certainly isn't fact. Not every guy "appreciates" the friend zone, and the mark that you missed was me. You are just summing me up (as you admit to doing) to be some person you are assuming me to be based on weird cases. And idk why it's so hard for guys to say how they feel if they feel they are being led on how you say. I didn't think that every guy had to have every single thing about females and relationships spelled out for them.. Also, I'm the one with the broken personality if they feel they were led on? Dude, once again, you are making some CRAZY assumptions.

    Also the more number of paragraphs you write doesn't equate to a logical argument/statement..

    Edit: I'm gonna assume you were once friend-zoned and are bitter towards me about it for you past experiences. (woooah this assumption thing is contagious!)

    If this did indeed happen to you, I'm sorry but not sorry..


  15. I think i just got put in the friends zone.
  16. That picture looks like Manni Delgado Pritchett from Modern Family
  17. Wow us men sure are moronic...

    Because when one of our lady friends flirts with us and when we ask her out and she says no, we must be so stupid to think that she would've ever had been interested.

    Op, I think I figured out the equation. Take whatever the chick says and it means the exact opposite, unless its Wednesday or Friday, then divide it by the number of calories she had for lunch. Then apply the Pythagorean theorem and that is what she actually said.

    Bitches be confusing.

  18. Or maybe certain people can learn to speak english and understand western body language correctly so they aren't so confused. :rolleyes:
  19. Do you guys not realize that we can change our minds?

    I had a guy say I "friend zoned" him. I met him, thought he was cute and interesting. Hung out with him a few times, realized it wouldn't work... so instead of leading him on I told him that I didn't feel it....
    he responded by calling me a bitch.

  20. I've actually been called a "succubus" because I refused to give a guy a handie after he gave me a ride from a bad situation.

    I really don't understand how some males work...

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