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The Friday Routine

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Fridays... Ahhh... The end of the week... Yall must have a smokin routine... Well heres how mine goes...

    Get up for school... Smoke my bowl in between combing hair & brushing teeth... Pretty discreet since no one is gonna come in the bathroom while your in there, and the smell is over come by hairspray and deoderant and cologne or whatever....

    Go to school... Smoke a joint in the bathroom with the homies before fisrt period... At my school no one gives a shit, and I just go around smellin like reefer.

    When I get home, Take a shower, and smoke the bong... Or if no ones home, I'll go in the bakc yard and smoke a joint... Depends

    Than when I go out with my boys we smoke a few blunts

    Damn I Love Fridays
  2. yea man fridays are great i dont smoke before school though just get wicked messed up after school
  3. ahhh friday...

    friday morning: smoke 2-3 bowls before a shower

    friday before lunch: smoke 4 bowls and be set for the remaining 2 periods.

    friday afterschool: 2 bowls after dinner

    sat morning: wake n bake; 2 bowls.

    then by that time, im usually out...which sucks.
  4. i get out of class just before noon, and do what ever the fuck i want. it changes every weekend but usually involves lots of smoking

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