the french DON'T OWE SHIT to americans

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Finn, Apr 28, 2003.

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  1. \"How dare the french forget?\" BULLSHIT.

    USA never saved France from anything, at least in WWII. Even if your history books were printed in USA, you probably can still check out following facts from there:

    war started in autumn 1939.
    1940 England and France were in it.
    the turning point of war happened in spring 1942, when germans were defeated in Stalingrad. After that allies were pushing germans back.
    first american soldiers came on summer 1944, OVER TWO YEARS since the turning point, at that time germans had lost almost all grounds that they had gained since the start of the war.
    war lasted almost six years, americans were in it for less than a year, they came when germans were already without hope of winning. If we put it into hockey terms, third period was halfway and germans were 2-6 down. If americans had not came, war would have ended some time later and a few hundred thousand more europeans would have been killed, in addition to those millions that already were dead.

    So why did american leaders send 300 thousand soldiers to die in Europe?

    Here are the reasons:

    1) to gain economical, political and military power over post-war Europe (which they did)
    2) to loot gold from Bundesbank (which they did)
    3) to smuggle hundreds of nazi scientists to USA to continue their sinister work (which they did, operation Paperclip)
    4) to gain a huge PR victory for \"saving\" Europe and to keep spreading that propaganda for generations to come (which they did)

    There you have it. Should europeans be grateful? I think not. USA came to help solely for their own purposes, even though they weren\'t really needed anymore. Well to be honest americans sent some help like ammunition already before d-day, so thanks for that. But saving Europe? Total bullshit.

    If you have a grandpa who was fighting and he is still believing that he is a hero, don\'t you think you should tell him the truth? Are you going to let him die living in a lie?
  2. sorry but i just don\'t beleive that.......possible they had alterior motives but they did there bit and suppied munitions and died to liberate France, just as the British troops did....or do you think that the u.k. was in it for profit as well??

    America would never have came into the war as it was so far away and they just kept an eye on it, but churchill knew the japs were going to pearl harbour and let it get attacked as he needed them in the war.

    as for France, i think a lot of them are so arrogant that they think they liberated themselves......hell even the \"vichy\" French were fighting with the Germans........Peace out.....Sid
  3. I dont come on a Marijuana message board to here that shit...and don\'t even get me started on your signiture
  4. even if thats true which it prolly isnt french people sound doofy when they talk so i think we should bomb them
  5. finn, next time i order freedom fries, i\'ll think about ya. dude, where did you get that info? thats not even in the ballpark. do some investigating. as for iraq, they wouldn\'t back us cos\' they were covering their collective asses, as 1/4 (guessing) of them are arabs- (with albania, etc.) - now i look at my basset hound differently- i mean freedom hound.

    that signature really pisses me off.
  6. haha i would not go that far but haha anyway.
  7. ahh..ignorant people make me laugh.
  8. While I don\'t know enough about WW2 to agree or argue with you, I do support you in that the French don\'t owe us anything. I applaud a country that listens to the will of it\'s people. Maybe if the USA had a semi-intelligent president, this could have been avoided in the first place.
  9. president bush has some sort of sense....or he wouldnt be fucking president...even if hes a puppet, hes gotta at least know how to do that well.
  10. finn, all 4 of your numbered points are true.
    3 is a biggie. its not just the scientists.. but nazi lovin corporations too!

    sid said:
    \"or do you think that the u.k. was in it for profit as well??\"

    well obviously not... the UK sacraficed the empire for world peace. gave & lost the most of any country. that hardly makes the UK angels tho.

    Simoriah said:
    \"I applaud a country that listens to the will of it\'s people.\"


    am i the only one who lives in one of those countries who agrees with his sig?

    king ignorance \"ienjoytheweed\" said:
    \"im stupid. stupid stupid stupid. stoopie stoopie stupid.\"

    or something like that :p heehee.

    i get what u mean norm, but i dont think Bush has any intelligence. IQ 91 man... thats not intelligent in anyones book. maybe its true that uninteligent people can follow orders better.
  11. If you have to blame anyone besides the awful people that swept through Europe on a killing spree blame the French generals that fucked up with that whole marginot line thing. They essentially left their country undefended by trying to second guess the enemy. All that was needed to get past their defense was a little misinformation and counterintuitive tactics. As for the French people, fighting pretty much meant dying. Like all intelligent people they gave up pride for life. Had you been there and understood exactly what the German blitzkrieg was you wouldn\'t have put up a fight either.
  12. digit i wasnt being completely serious ( i seriously do think they sound gay when they talk) and bush may be a fuckin idiot but he seems like hed be fun to hang out with and hed prolly have some pretty fuckin nice hookups for coke and if you chilled with him you could smoke whenever cuz whos gonna try and say the president was smokin a blunt not a cigar hes the president
  13. shit happens..... let em hate america....... they just hate it because its better..... if it wasn\'t then why would the world be consumed with people just trying to snatch up a part of its culture.....
  14. ok, here are a few reasons, looks like im always the one to
    Teach these people....

    A) the statue of liberty is a gift from France..
    B) France funded against the british in 2 American wars, without the french, America would never have gotten started, ever heard of the french owning half of the U.S. in the colonilazation... I dont think you knew that....
    C) the French succesfully defended the americans at 3 KEY american ports, Louisiana, Baltimore and another are(eludes me) without the French vessels there , the towns would ave fallen,
    D) The french supported the Union angainst the confederacy, the union was funded by britain.. without France, Slavery would continue.... And everyone would be Dixies.....

    E) I dont think their teaching you must in your AMERICAN SCHOOL other than AMERICAN PROPAGANDA!!!! pick up a book in your library that isnt required reading, and then make an opinion instead of basing the world on a MINIMAL, HALF ASSED EFFORT AT FREEDOM made during WW2, more than 20 x the amount of Canadians died over there, and we support France a shitload more...

    I think that this is the problem with America, they teach you half-truths and corrupt your mind into the American Dream (all fake) so you just sit Idly by while old money gets stinkier.....

    Long live America, I\'m just glad all states filled a deficit last year.... and that finnaly someone will have to kick you moron\'s in the ass about your wasteful habits... the only reason Canada even LIKES you is because you provide 75% of our economy do to your wastefulness, thus creating a huge job boom here while you guys are undermined with huge health care bill and illegal immigrants, not to mention the terrorists!!!!!
  15. The only reason people are \"snatching\" at american culture is because it\'s force down theyr throats, what, you the the Chinese person who makes enough to buy 1 big mac meal a week (commoner\'s wage) you think everybody is running there!

    The only reason people are latching to the culture, is because American culture is a forget and move on culture, just one big melting pot....

    you appeal to the slobs that would rather walk 1/2 a block to buy a disgusting burger than buy vegetables,or people that watch t.v. all day, you provide people with something no other culture has promoted in history... Laziness....
  16. Thankyou thearrow.
    i thought i already had made a sarcastic joke about \"that big tuquoise statue thats supposed to mean something\" but i guess i forgot in responding to someones outrageous claims.

    i think its in the constitution... something about happyness gauranteed (!), and some people (alot of people) are happy being lazy.

  17. and just how many other places have you lived in?
    and what makes that opinion right?
    why is it better?
    is it something to do with the exploitation of the rest of the worlds poor?
    something to do with the CIA backed military coos to retake countries so they can be corrupted and bent to the will of the american ecconomy?
    something to do with the absolute will of capitalism to rule as the one and only global system?
    something to do with being the PRIMARY force behind the prohibition and demonisation of cannabis through out the world?
    Something to do with having cars with the worst fuel consuption and eficiencey in the world?
    Something to do with being the biggest poluter?
    Something to do with being the worlds most influential arms dealers?
    Something to do with having all those nazi corporations backing up the system and the ecconomy?
    Something to do with the freedom to own a leathal weapon... correction.... the freedom to own multiple leathal weapons?
    Something to do with running a police state right under the noses of the population who for the most part go about their business happy as larry because the ecconomy is good and they feel safe believing they are wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket of liberty and freedom, not realising that it is at the cost of about 70% of the ENTIRE WORLD\'s population\'s freedom to even have some fresh water or food or safety from the corrupt governments put there by American subversives?

    or was there something else that makes america \"better\"?

    gravy... wake up ... realise, reccognise and rectify.
    u been sucked up by the propaganda too. as a smoka you have the ability too look through tis hole you have poked in their curtain of lies... look through. do some research.

    and once you do. and you still come back here and tell me that the reason i \"hate america\" (which i dont btw) is because \"its better\", then i\'ll have to accept that you accept all the things that have been done and that you think cannabis should be ilegal.
  18. America\'s government does some fucked up shit but it\'s a kick ass place to live i go to a school that has a shitload of first generation immigrants and not one of them looks back at living in whatever other country (that includes D.R. India China and others) as a postive memory all are happy to live in america what America has on on Europe isnt in the government its in the people and the culture you really dont know what its like to be at a super bowl party shit like that is what kicks ass just people living there lives and looking to have a good time instead of spending so much time talking about politics and all thats wrong in the world sipping some frenchy poof fag nasty tea we drink crappy beer and drive around in big ass trucks shootin shit and enjoying life
  19. instead of quiet bickering in a vain attempt to change anyones mind one way or another, im going to simply state my opinion and condescend to no one...i love america im glad i live here.

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