The Free Market Approach to Fighting Homelessness

Discussion in 'Politics' started by qwerty man, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. So this radio station in Austin, Texas will be connecting WiFi hotspots to homeless people at the station's next convention or whatever and the homeless people get to keep all the money from selling WiFi.

    This idea has been getting a lot of criticism but you have to admit that small ideas like these are more reasonable than our government's approach to the problem - a failing, bankrupt welfare system

    Turning the homeless into 4G hotspots at SXSW - Mar. 12, 2012
  2. How could anybody complain? :confused:
  3. This is hilarious. But also kinda a good idea. But I'm also skeptical what kind of homeless people they're going to be giving this WiFi to. I know where I live in LA, 95% of the homeless people are disgusting, dirty drug addicts. I wouldn't wanna donate money to them just so they can buy more coke. My morals won't allow that. So... an interesting idea, has potential, but also has many flaws...
  4. That is actually pretty awesome.
  5. Excellent idea.
  6. People have actually criticized this? Seriously?
  7. Probably. People are fucking insane. I want these baby boomer generation thinkers to just die off please
  8. People have criticized it pretty strongly. I get it, I mean ... it has the potential to dehumanize already marginalized people. But it's directly helping homeless people, and it's easier to pick an idea apart than it is to come up with something better. Small minded people bitch about shit instead of trying to improve it.
  9. Yea, if you go on the CNN website or Yahoo and look at the comments, you have a lot of people speaking out against it. Things like "oh, they're taking advantage of the homeless" or "the wifi devices could be harmful to their body" or "oh, it's demeaning" ...I'll tell you what's demeaning - sitting outside the convenience store begging for money, that's demeaning! Mooching off the government while doing nothing, at the expense of taxpayers - that's demeaning.
  10. I like this better then begging for change at a busy intersection.
  11. $20.00 for 10 hours of work. That'll buy them a cheap as shit tent.

  12. ?? It's based on commision. They sell internet for $2 per 15 minutes and keep all the money. Very possible to pull in $6 an hour which is pretty close to minimum wage in Texas. Besides, they're not really working, it's more of a donation/charity thing.

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