the fourth kind

Discussion in 'Movies' started by psilosylum, May 13, 2010.

  1. watched this yesterday. i did not see it in the theaters, because i am against dishonesty, and when they pay an actress to speak literally to the audience and say that everything in the movie is supported by actual "real" footage, but there is no evidence of this truly HISTORICAL footage, i chose not to see this movie.

    still intrigued to a certain extent, i rented it.

    this movie blows! bad!

    i have yet to find anything on the net that corroborates the story. it just doesn't make sense to me to flat out lie about the authenticity of the "archival footage". shit was fake as hell. supposedly the names of the patients, were changed to protect them, yet there identity was revealed in the footage. and no one elses names were changed, yet the three main people all get abducted.

    if they hadn't coined this story as real, then it would have been fine, maybe even great, (had they written a better conclusion).

    what did everyone else think?
  2. Well its a movie so I didn't sit there and analyze everything. I tried to get into the story and enjoy it, as I did. I thought it was a cool film
    I didn't think people actually believed this movie was based off truth
  3. shitty movie


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