the forum's missing Nutes,fert's and soils

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  1. ive been doing a ton of research and noticed some things that are hard to find and wanted some feedback from you guys.

    Soil mixtures..theres so many different ones but havnt seen anybody put anything on here. I know it needs rich "N" and mid P and K. and it needs good drainage..From there I get lost...Do you mix a big soil bacth and only use that soil mix through the whole plants life? Do you mix fertilizer with the soil mix? Is that all the fertilizer the plant will get or do you add fertilizer to your plant as its growing?

    And what about "nutrients" .. Is it NPK is that all the nutrients you give a plant? Does it come in liquid form or how often and how much do you need to feed your plant nutrients and fertilizers. When you give the plant nutrients do you give them a little of each..all the same amount.

    Please leave me some advice for my study..Ive been reading and taking notes like crazy but Im just lost with soil mix's,feeding,using nutrients and ferts etc... Hopefully everyone will leave me some tips...I looked at other sites but I dont trust them as much as you grasscity folkes.
  2. Theres got to be someone to give me a few pointers.Come on, share your knowledge let me in on the success secrets from the questions above...
  3. I too have these same questions. I've used just top soil for seedlings and then a mix of top soil and potting soil because it does have nutes in it. Now i seem to have nitrogen issues.

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