The fortress has been infiltrated! Man all battle station!

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. I fucking hate roaches, use to have a mild phobia of them. Walk into the bathroom to look in the mirror. After admiring myself for a good 5 minutes and see a fucking huge palmetto bug which is like the uber roach x10^1,000,000. So naturally I retreat... I wonder how I can kill such a thing without having to step on it, which even if I wanted to wasn't possible since the things on the wall above me. I knew this battle would be mainly about my weapon of choice. While pacing I stumble across my sleeping cat. So on instinct I pick him up, bring him to the pray and throw him at it. I hid behind the door, the roach hits the ground and the cat still stares at where it was. It's been almost 2 or hours and hes still in my bathroom looking for it. No luck and my cat is the omega hunter but hes doing shitty now.

    Cliffnotes: Too scared to go into my bathroom so I have to piss in the sink cause the toilets in too deep.

    Noticed breach:12:00
    Attack: 12:05
    Pee in sink:2:40
    Intruder: not found
  2. Happy to say the cat finished the job. I just have to seperate him from the body cause hes playing with it.
  3. LMFAOOOOOOO piss in the sink

    but yeah man i hate roaches to.....havent seen any since i moved out of the hood

    but even worse.....are water bugs.....OMFG those things are huge as fuck and they can FLY!:eek:
  4. LOL! i hate roaches too, but i dont think i would piss in the sink to avoid one. palmeto bugs are huge as fuck, i saw one when i was younger and visiting my grand parents in florida, it ran under my foot...i wore shoes the rest of the vacation
  5. Yeah, they live in the palm trees and they have geographicaly and strategically surrounded me
  6. HAHAHAHAHA!! Your cat is the "omega hunter"... I can't stop laughing...
  7. there was a huge ass huntsman in my bedroom on the roof directly above my pillow so i shot it with my bb gun and it made a huge mess, so i just licked it up
  8. My bearded dragon used to eat roaches. haha I'd buy them and build colonies like the new settlers of America did whenever they came to America lol. Then I'd feed them all to my bearded dragon (It was like Godzilla attacking new york city.) There were no survivors.
  9. lmao. that's some funny shit man. for real though, catch a few camilions outside and turn them loose in your house, you won't have any problems. I used to catch them big palmettos and through them into particularly scary looking spider's webs, was cool shit.
  10. I can deal with roaches- just big beatles...

    What I can't stand are centipedes- those things freak me out big time, all the legs moving in unison.

    Good call using your cat to protect you though I would have never thought of that.
  11. Oh i can deal with them no problem.

    Its Spiders i cant fucking stand. Horribal peices of shit. Whenever i see one i automaticly freak out and kill the fucker lol Shows them who's boss!

    Yeah, im the Spider Boss :cool:
  12. I've got a comprehensive plan of what to do when the zombies breach my fortifications, but I'm not sure if the plan will help with your roach problem.


    Sticky paper?
  13. You too?! I thought i was the only one.

    Well when the Zombies hit, and we're the only survivers, we should team up like in Shaun Of The Dead lol

    Shotgun being Ed though. Sure, he ends up a Zombie in the end. But all he does is chill, Smoke weed, and play video games lol Thats the life.
  14. You wish, It's every man for themselves at the zombiepoclypse.
  15. Ok ok, ill rule America, you can have Canada. Just promiss to have a steady trade of high quality Ganja for high quality american Weapons.

    We gots the Nukes and all, remember?? But theres no reason there cant be a Can-Erica allience. lol
  16. I have a zombie plan too. The Zombie Survival Guide is like my bible. I just have to buy a good bow, decently small crossbow, .45, and an M14 and ill be set.
  17. Really? That's your wishlist?

    a 9mm glock, an M1, a bayonet and I'm set.
  18. Fuuuck all that.

    Give me a 12 guage ( for power) a SAW (for speed), an MP5 (for close combat) and a .50 Cal Bereta sniper rifle (for Distance)

    Ohh, and a sword. That'd just be bad ass :D
  19. Well, the wishlist really comes down to the overall design of my fortress. What are really want is a bunch of silencers because thats the most important thing to me. Which is why I have the bow, the crossbows just for on the run. If shit gets rough then I have the 14 which is semi-auto which is all I need and is a rifle so it's got some range. the 1911's just a good overall gun. That all I really need but I need a couple monunted MGs, good ammo supplies and fireproof walls.

    I'd be lying if I didn't say a (real) Katana too

    I can't really explain the layout quite yet.

    You'd be swormed since they're attracted to sound. SMGs arn't too good either since all you need is one nice placed bullet to the dome, not a lot of spray.
  20. Little shell casings don't get far around here.


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