The "fork" story haha

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    One day after school, my friend told me to come with him to sell an iphone to some guy on craigslist. He knew it was kinda sketchy how we're meeting them on the Southside (the hood of Phoenix, AZ) in their neighborhood. When we met them it was two black guy, one looking like he's athletic and the other one is fat and tall. As in for us, we're just scrawny asian kids lol. When we met them, they were kinda cool trying to play it off until one of them said we gotta wait for his other homie to come cause he was the one buying. We were like uhhhhh we're gonna go to Quick Trip real quick cause it was right around the corner and they said yah but hurry cause he other friend were almost here. We got my friends car and he's like you think i should sell it? I was like idk if you want too sell it that bad than why not. He goes, well if we do go you grab that fork on the cup holder and ill bring my pocket knife. Once we came back from getting our drinks we met them up and it was just only them 2 still. My friend said where's your friend, we gotta go somewhere right now (just an excuse to hurry up the buying) The fat guy was like can i see your iphone 1 more time just to make sure everything is legit, my friend was like sure. He goes walking off and saying we taking your shit. My friend pulled out his 3inch knife and i pulled out my fork hahaha and we started surrounding the fat guy saying give our Iphone back. The fat guy was like help me foo (talking to his other friend that came with him) lmao his friend was so scared that he didn't do nothing or try to fight us. It was just me and my friend against the fat guy. Once we got close the fat guy said he had a gun lol we didn't see a gun cause that fat guy was wearing shorts and and muscle shirts and we were pretty sure he didn't have any gun on him. If he tried to run im pretty sure me and my friend would chase him down, but he decided to give it back. right when we drove off the fat mother fucker kick my homies door but luckily it didn't make a dent or anything and him and his friend dipped off. We learned the hard way that is never buy or sell stuff in neighborhoods, just meet them in public places haha luckily nobody got hurt and got the iphone back.
  2. Hahahaha awesome I started reading about this in another thread. A fucking fork dude, that's gnarly. He probably thought you were crazy and didn't want to mess haha
  3. Good read... Congrats to you for standing up to yourself and not letting shaq walk all over you.
  4. 19 th ave n southern?
  5. I was waiting for this shit

  6. lmaooo 35th and lower buckeye hahaha
  7. Its a circle k

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