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  1. Hey, I don't usually do things like this, but I am so sick of institutions of injustice and whitewashing over problems.

    We all know about the industrial schools in Ireland, where little boys (and girls sometimes) were sent by the irish state circa 1920 - 1980. These boys were molested, abused, medically tested on, raped.. it was disgraceful. People still fight for justice for these boys, however settlements have been arranged and the state has apologized publicly.

    There was another type of institution; the Magdalene laundries. My great grandmother was sent to one of these dumps.
    Unmarried mothers, fragile women, women who were found to have sex outside of marriage, prostitutes, girls who had been raped by male family members and women who struggled with their mental health were sent to Magdalene Laundries. They were made to do unpaid labour, survived in terrible conditions, babies were taken from the unmarried mothers/without consent babies were adopted, they were beaten ect.

    The women from these institutions have never recieved an apology from anyone, and not much information about their lives were ever broadcast until now.
    A new documentary film called 'The Forgotten Maggies' was broadcast on irish speaking broadcaster TG4 (don't worry lol, its in english) about the lives of these woman and girls, to ensure people will never forget.
    Here is a trailer;

    [ame=]'The Forgotten Maggies' Irish Premier TG4 July 20th 2011 Offical Tralier - YouTube[/ame]

    if anyone wants to see the full thing I found a link;

    Watch The Forgotten Maggies Online

    Stolen lives, no justice.
    Never forget.
    Fuck the catholic church, make them pay.
  2. that's really sad, Ireland and Scotland had a pretty rough run of things throughout history it seems
  3. Shameful that this is the first time I've ever heard about this.
  4. It's typical of the catholic church to pretend nothing happened and cover everything up.
    Most schools (like 90%) in Ireland are still under the management of the catholic orders (even though there are no nuns/priests/brothers teaching and loads of foreign students aren't catholic) and the school I was in, was run by the same order of nuns who abused my great grandmother.. because she was raped by a cousin.
    Makes me sick to my stomach.

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