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  1. Howdy from here in Southeastern Montana. You can call me the bluesman. I haven't been here long- the City that is. Used to be a big Head years ago 'till the company I work for began randoms. Most of us quit tokin' except on the rare occation. Some quit the company and some got caught. Haven't found a reliable way to beat the test and stay stoned. Anyhow, I was surfing around doing some research on Absinthe and stumbled into you all here. I really like it here and the philosophical threads are too cool. BTW, I'm nearly 50, into the blues(espessially bottleneck slide guitars), kids are nearly grown and gone. So, I guess you'll me be seein' me around from time to time. BB
  2. Welcome to the City! It's a great spot filled with a ton of cool people. Enjoy it here friend. :D
  3. Welcome to the city :)
  4. welcome! I'm a blues fan myself, please post stuff in the philosophy/religion forum as much as you can :D
  5. Thanks, all. It's good to be among friends. "A friend with weed is a friend indeed." So here's to ya'. Next time I find myself indulging, I'll dedicate it to The City, et al. Thanks again. BB
  6. Welcome to the green city!
  7. Welcome =)

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