The Flu Shot

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  1. I got my flu vaccination yesterday.  Many drugstores are doing it, I suggest getting one before your local doctor or drug store(s) run out - and mostly, before YOU get the flu!
    Insurance pays in most cases, but even if it doesn't it's cheap.  I think the local NYC pharmacies are charging like 32 bucks, if you don't have insurance (which everybody should have at this point).  
    You do not need a doctor referral, in most cases, for the drug store shot. It takes a few minutes, but it's worth it.  

  2. OK.
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  3. Get them nothing here, but most don't cause it makes you ill lol

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  4. But then I can't get sick

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  5. flu making by pharma...there are thousands of flu strains, no vaccine is going to protect you from all of them and the vaccine could damage your body
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    If you get the flu shot, and get the flu anyway, it's effects are reduced by 60% or more,
    Yes, "big money" pharma - everybody gets sick so it's only natural that vaccines make money.  But as I said, you can get vaccinated for free with health insurance, or at very low cost.  
    If you'd rather be a hardhead and risk getting sick because of your "principles", that's fine but don't say you weren't warned if it happens.  
    I got vaccinated about 12 years ago, didn't get it since because I felt lucky, and didn't get around to it, but it's so easy to do that it only takes 10 minutes in the drug store. 
  7. The last time I got a flu shot I got the flu. Haven't received one in 7 years and have been flu free. Fuck a shot.

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  8. Do you have any idea the shit the Government puts in Flu shots?

    Let's get high 💨
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  10. I was not aware that "the government" puts anything in Flu shots, so why don't you enlighten us? 
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    The vaccine doesn't stop you from getting the flu, I hate that people think just because you got the shot your automatically safe. It helps people with weaker immune systems (Elderly people, already sick people, children with poor immune systems, people in poor health, etc) sort of like training wheels helps someone ride a bike. If your not able to pump your legs, your still gonna fall down. There are MANY people who get the shot and still get the flu. Hell, some people get the shot, still get the flu, and then die. But chances are, they were going to die anyway with or without that shot, but they were also going to catch that flu with or without the shot.
    I personally believe that people have a right to choose what goes into their bodies, if people want to get the shot then they should fill their boots. 
    My personal choice is to not vaccinate myself, I haven't since I was old enough to articulate my own choices. I haven't been sick in years, anytime I feel like something might be coming on I gargle a tablespoon of Colloidial silver three times a day for 3 days and then its gone. Takes care of the bug, in a way that *I* feel comfortable with. 
  12. I think he is talking about certain shots, some of them contain Thimerosal, its basically made from Mercury.
    There are other heavy metals as well, in Japan they routinely wait until the child reaches at least age 2 before they start vaccinating. Before 2 the child does not have a well established blood-brain barrier, a small percentage of children are not able to filter the heavy metals out of their body properly, so they essentially store up on the brain and then do serious damage. BUT, because it doesn't happen to enough children they still deem it safe in some Countries.
    I gargle peanut butter. Works even better, and it's delicious. 
  14. Whatever floats your boat. Stick in your arm for all I care. :)
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    Never had one and I've had the flu a few times.

    It's pretty shite but you get over it, and a week later back to work you go lol

    I still bear the mark on my arm from the one you get when your a wee kid.

    I should sue they left me with a mark lol
  16. Yah, well Polio and Smallpox aren't that bad, no need for a vaccine, right? 
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    Is that what they were for.

    Well you live and learn.

    And my point was it's just the flu and if it kills you, well it's just natured way of sorting out the weak from the chaff lol

    Cause let's be honest here the flu shouldn't really be fatal
  18. Uh oh, impending vaccination conspiracy theory thread! :p
    Funny how it's always people who are perfectly healthy who talk about communicable diseases not being a bad thing, because they "thin the herd". Gee, wonder why that is.
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  19. Well, how likely is it that you get infected by the flu strain (or strains, some vaccines seem to help against 4 or so) you were vaccinated for? There are many subtypes of influenza and they also mutate as far as I know. So the vaccination seems to be useless to me, when you compare it with the risks of the vaccine itself (it could even kill you).
  20. Get real, people die from the flu, not the vaccine.  If it doesn't work for every individual, or every strain, that's not a reason to not get it.  The makers of the vaccine can only work on what science believes will be the most predominant strains.  
    Science isn't perfect, but it's saved a very large amount of lives, and prevented untold amounts of illness, through vaccines.  

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