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The Flowery, 25.7% Grease Monkey

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ISmokeTopShelf, Mar 4, 2023.

  1. 10/10.

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  2. My dispensary had that in alamogordo NM, not one of my favorites. Had to mix it with other bud just to smoke it lol. Glad you like grease monkey, enjoy. Welcome to GC
  3. harvested early, machine trimmed.... the usual for dispensaries.
  4. Welcome to GC
    Enjoy your bud
    @Dizzy could you give our new member a proper GC welcome?

    Oil and Syrup

    Some of what I'm working on here
    Decent threads in the edibles and medical section for discussion
    Lots going on in the social threads
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  5. I work at a dispo and I was reversing some lot numbers randomly just to see some more info on the grows and what they do to grow in the back end. I came across this 21% flower, vegged 56 days, flowered 28 days LOL
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  6. It looks fine to me but I've always had low standards.
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  7. Sounds dank as fuck lmao
  8. I grew some GM along with candy margy in my 1st indoor grow (didn't know shit) & they resulted in seeds. Should I try them, what do ya think? They gotta be 2yr's old but the price is right.
  9. Very pretty!
    Enjoy your bud.
    Welcome to Grasscity.
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  10. Welcome to GrassCity! That bud looks great! Enjoy. :passtheshit:
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