The Florist

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  1. Haha, this story brings back memories of all the great times with my boy, T. Well, we aren't friends now unfortunately, but thats a whole nother story.

    Anyways... To start the story off me n T were chillin at his mom's work, talkin to peeps we knew. Well T was ALWAYS buyin shit for his girl and there was a florist a few stores down so me n him headed there.

    I didn't plan on goin in, but I took a look inside and saw a fiiinnne lookin girl at the counter, so naturally I wanted to spit some game.

    So me n T head into the store and he starts scopin around for shit to buy for his girl, and I wanted to talk to the girl. T knew I wanted to have some fun, but I guess he did too... because he starts talkin with a lisp and goes "babe, what kinda flowers you want?"

    I couldn't believe it... he was tryin to pull this kinda shit?! I mean... it was hilarious, yes, but I hadn't been laid in quite awhile at this time (can't remember how long now) and was itchin for some, but T wouldn't stop... I sat there tryna explain to the girl hes just playin, and all she could do was laugh. T continued with the "aww, babe, don't be embarassed." or "Why do you always hide us?" and I couldn't take it anymore... I didn't know if I should have laughed, gotten mad, or what... i was just confused at what just happened... so I walked outta the store, baffled.

    My friend comes out a few minutes later laughing his ass off and I'm just like... "You're an ass" 1/2 laughing still haha.

    So I dunno what the point of this story is, but it was damn funny at the time, even though I had to wait like a week more to take care of business.
  2. haha what a cockblock
  3. I was gonna say mindblock but yeah cockblock too!
    Blocks for everyone!

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