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  1. If you havent seen The Flash its worth watching. Its not amazingly good but it is entertaining enough to watch on Tuesday nights.....nothing good is ever on Tuesday.

  2. This show I refuse to watch lol. I saw the pilot and did not care for it.
  3. yeah its not great but its tuesday night viewing.
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    I actually got into it a lot more than I thought I would. I'm on the latest episode now so I won't post any spoilers, but it definitely has it's own groove that fits the show and has made for some excellent, if not cliched, television.
    It's just one of those shows where I know it's goofy, but it has a heart. I'm invested.
    EDIT: Actually, because I liked The Flash so much, I backtracked and have just now started Arrow. I'm up to the third episode in that show so far and honestly it hasn't struck a cord with me like The Flash did... Still gonna give it time to grow on me though.
  5. I fucking love The Flash. Yeah it might be cheesy sometimes but I'd prefer a series over a 2 hour movie any day. And I love the cross over with Arrow. I didn't think they'd actually do it when I heard the rumors! 
    I'm surprised this thread hasn't been made before, or if it has been I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more attention.
    I look forward to the flash every Tuesday.

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