The Fix Analysis Why is Mitch McConnell blocking election security bills?

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    The voting system is a hodgepodge of technologies and vulnerable to shenanigans, by ANY party.

    Can someone tell me why Senate Republicans are ignoring this important, non-partisan issue?

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    I think this should be a high priority for anybody running for office and its just wrong that the Senate refuses to act to secure our election process.
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  2. Does it include voter ID? If not it's worthless
  3. I agree, the whole point it to protect integrity but you need to bring a law to the floor to hammer out some kind of compromise. Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the issue helps nobody.

    You would think Republicans would welcome the opportunity to get something they are looking for in exchange?
  4. The GOP cares very little beyond the money skyway of capitalism. And with Trump, they're already getting what they want. Not the GOP of the 50's or so.
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