The five horrible things nobody tells you about legally growing pot.

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    I realize that some of us are illegally growing pot here, but what about the rest of the article? The person who wrote this makes it seem like growing is sooo hard and expensive. I am about to start my first grow and only plan to spend a few hundred dollars for a setup.

    Is it really as hard and expensive as this article claims? Did you find that when you followed the advice of others, that your grows went smoothly with a great yield?
  2. Doesn't have to cost much more than a few hundred dollars to start up way is to buy 2nd hand from somebody that is finished with their grow if possible....I just picked up a full set up complete with lights, nutes, fans, ducting, ballasts, and a shit load more, all for 170 quid (about $250). 
    Obviously the more plants you want to grow the more expensive it will get, and to buy the best quality products you need to fork out top dollar, but to just get started with a first grow of a few plants, a few hundred dollars should get you moving. :)
  3. And as far as being hard?....nah, not really.....and if you ever did get stuck or need advice with anything, always somebody around on GC to offer a helping hand! 
  4. Had a quick look at the article, so here's my opinion on their five points...
    5. Regulations.... Who cares?
    4. Cost.... you can buy a lighting set up like the one they showed for $100 on ebay not $1800
    3. Work... it's fun so I don't mind, and a small grow with 4 plants in say a 3'x3' space(like I'm doing) shouldn't take more than 10 mins a day to care for(good for half a pound with practice)
    2. Crazy people.... first rule of growing weed, tell no one...! No family, no friends, and definitely no crazies...!
    1. Payoff.... I only grow personal, but for an outlay of $300-500 you have a pound or two of weed a year for the rest of your life. And you'd be surprised how grateful people can be for a couple of buds now and then. Lifts if you need them, an extra pair of hands when you need it...etc, etc... Just don't tell them how you got it
    If you're serious about trying read through this site
    And don't read any more of that far right conservative shit....
  5. Over all my indoor cost me less then $10 an ounce to grow.
    $400 worth of equipment I can have a full blown hydro setup under a 1,000 watt grow light.
    What is priceless is knowledge and skill. :D
  6. 99% of that article is over-exaggerated bullshit. SEVERELY over-exaggerated. Don't take it with just a grain of salt, swallow the whole damn shaker.
  7. 99% of Cracked articles are bullshit...

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