The first year or two of smoking

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  1. Hi everyone and much respect to the gc community! you are all great people.
    Anyway I was just looking back on old times and the early years of smoking when weed was still
    kind of new to me and there was so much to learn! Honestly the first 2 years of smoking were amazing,
    the highs were pure bliss, i remember in one certain setting when me and my closest friend would smoke in my room late at night and be watching a film in the comfort of our own beds, i remember, the high was so sedative and strong on my body and my mind was stimulated and happy, and i remember falling in love with the film we were watching because of the colours and nature in it, not sure on the film now..
    Another thing i miss from when i waas a newer smoker, was after a session. Obviously being much younger we couldnt smooke in our house so we would often journey around and find chill spots. and we would just make a homemade bong and smoke for most of the day from like 2pm. Then finally when you get home and its fairly late,you are so burned out and tired from being stoned all day and having to journey around on foot, the best feeling just falling into the comfort of your bed, and being on level 10 comfortness, being so out of it your bed just feels like its apart of you and falling asleep till morning and having the best sleep of all time..
    So peoples, i hope this can relate to some people at least! haha 
    PS sorry for spelling and the whole thing in general, i am aware of the poor writing! haha 
    PS PS leave comments saying the things you miss from the day you were first smoking.
    PS PS PS the story i wrote applies to the first year or two of smoking, in the fact that after years of smoking, the act of smoking the ganja in itself is still amazing (dont get me wrong) but i loses it specialness and i think its fair too say, its not as excited to burn one now as it was 5-6 years ago for me..

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  2. i too miss the good ole days of smoking. getting high and walking aimlessy around with your buddies was always an adventure. i don't know the whole act of smoking just felt special back then.
  3. I miss when it was a special treat to smoke a couple of hits with friends once or twice a week as opposed to the daily habit it became after a year or so.
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  4. The satisfaction of smoking a bowl or two, staring and pondering, completely absorbed in the experience... Damn. I miss it!

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