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  1. Back in 8th grade, when i lived in town a kid named Caleb moved in a few houses down and after realizing we liked similar stuff we became fast friends. We were playing street fighter one night while his aunt and dad were out and he pulls out about a 1/8 of some good shit he pinched from his aunt, and we smoked it out of his dads hookah. We got ripped and when his aunt and dad got home they weren't even mad, his dad pulled out a beaker bong and some blue cheese and smoked a bowl with us. This marked the beginning of a 2 year long smoke sesh, before school and after, smoking weed and playing classic video games before both of us ended up moving out of town. Unfortunately Caleb got hit by a drunk driver a few years ago, but i go visit his dad every year with a sack of dank and we smoke and talk about the old days.
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  2. okay - the first time was when i was 12, my two friends and I wrapped towels around our heads ( to cover our hair so we wouldnt smell), went outside and shared a joint. i had to go home for dinner , alls i remember feeling was very hungry. didnt feel much other than that. jumpstart to the next time, a couple years later, i believe i was 14... me and one of the same friends from the first time went into her brothers room to hang out late one night. we all shared a pipe. i hit it a couple of times and the next thing i knew , i was running around in circles with my arms out like an airplane, yelling "HERE WE GO TO MEXICO" i then realized my friend was video taping me and her brother was rolling on the bed laughing. i then realized i was a wee bit wrecked and sat down. i remember asking how long im going feel high for, 10 minutes later, nothing had changed of course, i said f''' this and made my bff tuck me into her bed. the next morning i woke up, remembered how i felt,started to laugh and told my bff "lets do that again tonight" and havent stopped since.
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  3. This reminds me of the time we got my buddy so stoned he too thought he was an airplane
  4. Everything looked farther away than it was. Bong I was using couldn't have even had a chamber more than 7 inches and I was like 'Maaaan, the bowl is waaaaay down there...and the fiiiiire is coming out my biiiiic all slooooooow'.
  5. It's sad to say but the first time I ever smoked weed was early last year at the age of 27. My husband got some off his buddy, I ended up smoking about two joints to myself, because silly me didn't understand why I wasn't getting a buzz. Well, I'm sure you know how bad that turned out, needless to say I didn't touch the stuff again until about 2months ago. But you know what the sad part about this whole situation is? I was raised where weed was taboo, and to never ever touch it! So I never did. I was so against it, my marriage almost ended several times over Marijuana. Now, I have comes to love it.
    It has rejuvenated my relationship with my husband, I am able to cope with daily stress from work or life in general. It has helped me become a better me. That right there is why I have become a stoner for life.

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  6. I'd say like this was 7th or so grade, And yeah I've smoked a few times but didint actually get high,
    So me and two oter buddies had this chill ass spot in this junkyard, it was this car on top of another car it was so legit, But anyway I was at my older bros buddy house chilling and I lets say I ended up stealing some weed from there, So flash forward to some hours later, Me and the boys get into our junkyard car an we start blazing, and some minutes later I remember just kinda tripping balls, like I get into this state of highness to where I see everything in pictures that's he best wqy I describe it, but anyway me and my buddy are just higher than shite and my other bud is off messing with the other cars, Bt what I remember most is when we were leaving we legt army crawled through this junkyard because it was daytime and the place was open, so as were crawling I look over at my buddy ad hes like drooling he even then put a piece of glass in his mouth and, but yeah that's my story I'm not even a stoner like I used to be but that high I felt was definitely one of, the most memorable I've never felt that way after, i even quit smoking for about 2 years, no when I smoke I get all paranoid and its just not pleasant like it used to be. K I done
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  7. It was the beginning of 8th grade for me, my best friend Luke had an older brother. We were 13 at the time and his brother was 17. He rolled a jay and we walked through a cemetery to get to stop and shop where the older brothers friend worked, he was a total stoner so it was a fun idea. I didn't get high off the jay and was pissed and kept asking what it was like and then complaining saying "I don't see anything"....I was very new to weed. We then went back to my friends house from stop and shop and found out my friends parents were going out that night. Once they left we smoked bowls in the attack and my first memory was everything going slow motion in the attack we then went downstairs and the older brother showed us a cartoon called Leo and Satan to get us laughing our asses worked we then made regular brownies and buff chick dip but I don't remember making the buff chick dip! That was the best high and one of the best nights ever!

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  8. The first time I ever SMOKED, I was about 14 I think. I was hanging out with one of my friends in our neighborhood when one of the other kids came up and started talking all this shit about "I've got this bomb weed, this shit is better than anything you'll find around!" So I decided, fuck it, I'll take a hit or two. We relocated to his house, where he busted out a Jerry-rigged coca-cola can with holes in it and about a half gram of corn lol. Took 3 hits, didn't get high.

    Fast forward a few weeks, now it's Christmas break. I found myself spending this break with my mother and her friends (who are into the hard stuff). I ended up hanging out with the kids in the garage throughout the whole break. At some point on day one, they went and bought some Lemon/medical shit from one of their guys. Man that was some dank stuff. At one point I almost got busted, but it was cold outside so Lisa didn't question the vapor/smoke off my breath.

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  9. I'm brand new to the idea of weed, I actually made a post here last week talking about how I'd be getting high for the first time soon, but everyone tells me that my story is pretty unique/funny and even though ive only been high once, I still feel like this particular time was one of the funniest moments of my life, some of my friends are still laughing at me for this when it happened on April 25, and honestly I can't blame them haha.

    So like I said, I've only smoked once, but I'll probably end up doing it once a week since I already have some memories I'll probably remember forever, with that being said I'm not going to say "I miss this feeling" or act like I know a lot about weed because the truth is I don't. But anyways, my dads a cop, with that being said I didn't like the idea of smoking, and in fact, I actually hated anyone affiliated with weed growing up, until about 2 months ago, when I decided I'd smoke with my friends before I graduate from high school. Anyways, we made plans for Monday, and we went into a public park, it was basically woods with trails and whatnot, it was a pretty cool place, anyways, we finally found the place we wanted to smoke at (I forgot to mention, I was with 2 other people, 1 who is one of my best friends and was fairly new, and the other who is about 2 years younger and has been smoking for 5+ years) so we had a blunt and we sparked it up, and I remember everyone told me "take 2 hits and see how you feel before you go crazy with it" and I could not have listened any less, from what I was told, this was a FAT blunt, and I was worried that I would inhale wrong, so I took 6 hits just to be sure in case I made mistakes on the previous hits, but it turns out, I inhaled correctly the entire time, and holy shit, I was in another dimension, everything felt like a dream, I had a memory span of about 2 seconds and it was almost like I was getting constant flashbacks of stuff that happened just a second ago, I remember stepping over a small stream and thinking "did I actually step over that stream or am I thinking about something that happened a while ago" anyways we started heading back to my car, and my friends were talking and called my name and said "Mike, how stoned are you" and I remember thinking "Who are these guys and why are they asking me these questions?" And then I remembered exactly who they were. I was honestly so stoned, that I hated the feeling (as stupid as that sounds) and I was so paranoid that I'd come home and my dad would smell the weed on me or something (keep in mind, he's a cop and he works around this stuff everyday, he's never smoked in his life, and really hates the idea of it) so when we finally got back to the car, I was trying to sleep off the feeling while my friends played basketball, and after realizing I was too awake to go to sleep I started eating some gummy worms, and oh my god, those were the best things I've ever eaten in my entire life, one of my friends who doesn't smoke decided to come and play with the other guys playing basketball. Anyways about an hour and a half goes by and I'm still pretty high, but my friends want to go back to the park and smoke again, I said I wouldn't take a hit since I was pretty paranoid at this point, so we went to this bridge and we overlooked this river and the two of my friends started smoking, and my sober friend just tried talking to me so I wasn't as paranoid, I wasn't flipping out or anything by this point, but everyone could definitely tell I wasn't enjoying the feeling. I remember seeing a small family about 30 feet from us and I was trying to whisper "guy, guy, guy" but it turns out I yelled on the top of my lungs "GUY! GUY! GUY!" honestly even though this happened only days ago, it was probably the funniest thing I've had happen all month. I started sprinting away while my friends were just getting up casually so they didn't look suspicious, and we started walking back to the car. So we're in the woods walking back, I'm walking next to my sober friend, and I heard a branch fall on a bunch of leaves, at the time I didn't know this, I thought it was a person. So I stopped him from moving with my hand and I jus stared at him for like 10 seconds while staying completely still and he's just looking at me like "Bro, you ok? What's up?" And I just start sprinting so fast, I wasn't running out of breath or anything, my sober friend was trying to keep up with me to try and tell me that nothing was chasing us (I was probably sprinting for a solid minute and he had trouble keeping up) honestly if he hadn't caught up and told me nothing was chasing us I probably would've sprinted for the full 5 minutes back to the car, at this point the effects were starting to fade away, and it wasn't until after I was sober that I really appreciated the feeling of being high, despite me hating every second of it while I was actually high. I plan to smoke this weekend, and hopefully I end up acting stupid again because even though I was terrified during the entire duration of being high, I think it was worth it in the long run, because it was so funny.
  10. The first time I blazed was inside a forest with 4 friends. I was pretty paranoid and I didn't get high since I didn't know what to expect.

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  11. Fall 2010. In college with my friends. Weed in the elephant bowl. Best time I ever had so far. Out of body experience and all lol.

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  12. just turned 13 and some kid I knew had a gang banging older brother who got me baked and convinced me my mom and the cops were outside.
    Not cool.

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  13. Firsg time was in the beginning of my sophomore year. I planned on smoking with a few good friends however everyone flaked and it was only me and my friend Christian. We had an eighth and walked down to the beach. It was a really shitty day, it was raining a little amd it was cold and windy. This mad it pretty hard to light the bowl and i only got a few hits which i didnt feel at all. Afterwards we got together with our other friend Rob and smoked the entire eight in Christian basement. I remember that i kept thinking to my self of i was high or not. I realized that i was stoned asf bc i couldnt keep my eyes focused on anything and i also was extremely zoned out. Was ultimately a great night as we got pizza and watched a knicks game.
  14. Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to share mine. I just enjoy remembering this. Basically, my friend and I were in a band, and we were practicing for an acoustic show coming up. We had smoked once before but I don't count it because I used the pipe incorrectly and was sober after the experience.

    This time, I figured out the whole carb thing and took a small hit, then a MASSIVE hit to where I was about to cough up a lung. That, was the first time I was actually high. My friend and I proceeded to run through the songs, but at some point I started laughing. I got to a point where I was cracking up fucking laughing for no reason and couldn't stop and was ruining everything so my friend got annoyed and we decided to stop practicing and just played video games. He thought it was funny at first but when he realized I wasn't even able to play my guitar he said we should take a break. Lol
  15. Man 8th grade summer, I was 14 it was my friend charlie,bryan and travis...we use to hang out all day go home at night you know....this night we all stayed at Charlie's house...we had a bon fire on the driveway lol and played basketball...anyways we decided to go camp in the back yard for some Reason, as we were setting up the tent, my friend charlie was in the tent and he was putting a pole up. This Motherfucker comes out with a big jar of reefer! And the first thing he said to me was "you wanna smoke it" and I said hell yeah ..(the weed looked like it was old as dirt it was like gray ) my friend Charlie was already a pot smoker so he had the bottle bong already made and shit so we smoked in the tent that night and had a blast! I dont think I felt that high...all I remember was we tried to get some bitches to come thru but didn't work out

  16. My first time I was 14, almost 15. My friends told me how great weed was for them, but that past school year I'd had the typical freshman health class where they tell you how bad weed is and make you read about it. But I was hanging out with my friends as they'd smoke and I was able to see how it changed them quickly after they'd smoke. I remember the first time I was with them when they smoked, they just laughed and were all happy so I got to see its effects and I was like ok that's pretty cool. So I finally agreed to smoke. My first time smoking was in my friend's car with all of us piled in as he drove to a parking lot. I'd done some googling before I smoked so I thought I knew what I was getting into. They said it would be a pipe, so I was expecting a glass "spoon" pipe, but it was actually like a metal pipe with no carb. So my friend parked the car and they start packing the bowl. At this time, (it was about 10 years ago, when this thread was started lol) white widow was the strain that everyone talked about at my school and claimed to have in their stash. So they said it was white widow, but I don't think it actually was. Anyway, my first hit I pulled the smoke into my mouth and I remember being surprised how hot it felt, and then I blew it out. They told me after that I had to do a second inhale to pull it into my lungs. So I was like "fuck I wasted my first hit" lol so it goes around the rotation and then my friend lit the second hit for me because they didn't explain to me that it's customary to corner the bowl. So I take as much as I felt I could and then I remembered to inhale a breath of air after. About 5 minutes later I realized I didn't have any concept of time anymore. I thought it had been a few hours but then I checked my phone to see the time. Then I realized that I was participating in a conversation, but I had no recollection of what we were talking about lmao. I took a few more hits and was RIPPED lol We were in a shopping center with a grocery store, movie theater, etc. We actually planned to go see a movie after, but one of my friends said "Dude there's a McDonalds here!" so we walked there and ate food. It was a really fun first experience.
  17. Summer after my junior year in high school. My friend and I would meet up at the courts regularly and shoot some hoops. One of my buds has been a huge stoner for a couple of years. Anyways, after smoking around 3 different times with some of my friends and NOT getting high I ended up telling them something like “yeah I guess it just doesn’t work on me”. Lol. Anyways I decided to try it once more. I think 4 of my buddies or so piled into the car and we cruised a blunt on a backroad. I remember I had learned how to inhale a couple days prior by asking a bunch of people and so I tried the new method out.. I started coughing so bad, it probably lasted 5 minutes. I didn’t even want to hit the blunt anymore. We continued to drive and it hit me. I was staring out the window wondering if I was high but then I realized I’d been in a loop asking the same question, just staring out the window for about 5 minutes. I laughed so hard. Then, I started to panic because my legs felt like they were falling asleep and I seriously thought that someone had lit my throat on my fire (I guess that’s what I get for smoking a Dutch having not a lot of experience). Anyways, we played some basketball at the courts once we were back and I don’t remember a single thing from the game to this day.. I haven’t experienced the same high since.. But, for the first three or so times I smoked, it would look like there was a ceiling of mirrors 3 ft above my head that reflected the ground.. Haha, fun memories! Happy toking !:smoke:
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