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  1. Hey I just found my first post on here! :bongin:
    Okay, I guess to add to it.
    I smoked out of a Gatorade bottle bong. The bowl was a sink water piping tube that brings water from main line to hot or cold faucet. Ghetto as fuck.

    I passed out for a few minutes and had cuts I couldn't explain.

    Rode my bike home and told my mom. She was pissed but made me good munchies.

    I also tried smoking dried grass on the playground.

    Sighs, don't ask I was an idiot back then
  2. Brings a whole new meaning to ROFL
  3. haha the first time I didn't feel anything, I didn't know how to smoke for sure.
    The first time I was HIGH was terrible, i remember me not being able to remember anything for longer than 1.5 secs and couldn't be able to drive, remember going at 20 mph at most
  4. It was my senior year in high school, so last year. And me and 3 friends were sitting at a park trying to think of something to do. None of us had smoked but me and another friend had wanted to. So I jokingly say hey we should get some weed and smoke it. So we decided fuck it lets do it. I call another friend who I know smokes a lot and he sold us some weed and let us use his pipe since we didn't have anything to smoke with. We live in a suburb so drove 15 min into the country and find just some road and pull over and get out of the car. We struggled hard core. I had to light the lighter for my friends cause they couldn't get it to work. I was the first one to get a real hit and after I did everyone else did. Then We had this stupid idea to make a joint with computer paper. We took some weed put it on the paper and just rolled the whole thing up. It was the stupidest thing I had ever scene. We didn't get high but we went to a gas station and got food and the food tasted amazing. The whole thing was a shit show but it was a great time with my best friends and we had the best laughs and really that's all I want from weed just something that I do with my friends and we have a great time together.

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  5. So about two years ago, I started dating this girl. She was probably one of the biggest stoners in my high school and somehow I didn't know. One day she took me to one of her friends garage where they always hung out,( her friend later became my main dealer) and she sparked a bong. I was surprised to see it and then she handed it to me. I was scared but didn't want to look like a puss in front of her so I hit it. We end up having like a hour long sesh and I got baked out of my mind. It was the best high I've ever had and the scariest all at the same time.

  6. I don't know if I've already posted this before but the first time I ever got high was in my sophomore year of high school (senior now) and I was gonna go to a school play. All of a sudden my stomach starts hurting like fucking hell (I have really bad IBS and sometimes it's VERY painful). I told my dad I couldn't go see the play. He said I've got something that'll help you. He goes into the freezer and pulls out the biggest sugar cookie I've ever seen in my whole life. He breaks off a good size piece of the cookie. He tells me to eat it. Little did I know it was a pot cookie. I told him how is this supposed to help me? And he said you'll be feeling much better in 45 mins or so.
    So we leave and go to my school for the school play. I'm sitting there waiting for it to kick in when all of a sudden time almost fucking stops. Someone how my dad knew in that instant it kicked in. He looks at me and says how're you feeling? I just smile and I knew I was fucking baked. It was the best high ever.

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  7. The very first time I had a nice spliff got a nice buzz but drank to much to realise if I was high or not. Next day picked up my first deal and went down into the local forest with my mates I bought my first metal pipe with the deal 1.6 grams plus a pipe for $35 not bad if ya ask me anyway we all had our metal pipes out getting toasted and it hit me I was fucked like I had probably about 10 hits from this pipe, nowadays I could smoke about 5 grams in a sesh and still not get that fucked up, well we walked into the college and it was just weird like I thought I was in a game my other mates had smoked a couple months longer than I had so they where used to the feeling anyway we decided to order pizza so we did I hid in the bush cause I thought the pizza man was a cop weird haha I don't remember that much other than it was fucking scary but that has been the only time I have ever been paranoid in 5 years like nowadays I could go to work toasted as, eyes glassy as fuck and not give two shits wonder if it was a psychosis episode or something any thoughts?
  8. I was 14 in 8th grade practiced inhalling with cigs before hitting the weed. Took 4 or 5 lung rips at around 9 pm played gta 3 for about 30 minutes by then head felt like it was 100 pounds and I passed right out. Strain was some type of skunk.
  9. In the school holidays when i was 14, I went to the park with my mate who brought along a homemade bong. A dog walker passed us and I suddenly started absolutely pissing myself laughing cos the owners face resembled her dog's. We then ventured to the shops and I couldn't decide what flavour of crisps to buy, so I settled on buying 5 varieties.  
  10. I remember my first time getting high was the first time i ever smoked was 10th grade on Christmas break i remember i was staying at my other friends house that night but he was face timing this girl being a dick, and his neighbor who iv know as long as iv known my friend comes up and says lets go to my house so we do, i dont really remember if i just said fuck it whatever or somthing but i just knew i just tryed it haha it was out of a gravity bong and i just took one rip and i was high as fuck i dont really remember what happend but i remember we played skyrim because it  just came out and it was soo awesome. but yea that was my story 
  11. I will never forget my first time, best night of my life. So here's the story:
    I am now 25 and two years ago I went to visit my girlfriend in USA (i am from sweden) and as a non-american there is alot of stuff you "have" to do or try to eat. We see alot of shit in american movies and we wanna do it or eat it too.

    Anyway, my girlfriend was a major stoner and knew her way around weed. I was so excited that i was finally gonna try some weed, lol. And my girlfriend set it up all nice for my first time - bought taco bell, swisher sweets, doughnuts, skittles - cherry coke.. Just all amazing stuff for a major high that was gonna have major munchies.

    When we hit up that blunt it was the best feeling ever. I was sitting on the bed just waitin for it to kick in, not realizing it already did. Had the gigs for about an hour then i dug in to the munchies.

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  12. God damn these stories make me wanna go back to my novice days.
  13. I was 13, smoked on a trail between a neighborhood and my middle school. My friend had a nice piece he made himself and we smoked out of that. Im 18 now and have been smoking since

    From the King himself
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    Straight after school me and two other people went to a mates house and he had rolled 2 joints. one full of weed the other half baccy & half weed. so we went out about well....5.00 and half an hour later we smoked it the day before i had some but only felt tired. But this was different we (three out of four of us)  smoked the two joints and went up to the main street and my good friend R (who was new and only here for a couple month) suddenly took a step back "Woaaaaah..." he felt it like a brick in the face according to him while i was gradually going up and up. Then we waited at the chippy for F which felt like 3 hours and me and R looked at each other and stared for lie 4 secs and just started dying with laughter and the person who never had any was getting SUPER pissed of at us because we were laughing so loud and my stomach was so sore after but hey it was worth it haha. (im sure i peaked at that point)  then R had to walk home with the person who didnt do it. But me and F my best mate stayed out for a while then i went in and just started playing cards against humanity online! (As you do) And i kept hearing parts of songs like speakers in my head.....its really hard to explain but  every now and then like robert johnson to the stone roses i found that VERY intersting!
  15. First time I ever smoked, I was 14. I spent the night with one of my friends. After her parents went to sleep we found her dads stash and smoked out of some shitty thing we made in her room. We got high as shit and laughed all night.
  16. If I can say three..... My first, after a 2 ish year break and another 2ish after that.

    So my first.

    In grade nine. One of my best friends( nick)had talked about it or something that peeked my intrest. So wanting to try it I asked up one of my other friends( K,which is now my dealer some years later). Where to get some and he I guess vuoched for me.

    So I got my first ever gram of weed. And held onto it for about a week. Not knowing weather I should just eat it. Or smoke it. So march break comes up and me and nick meet up walk about an hour to the store and back. Getting munchies and some Arizona's.

    So I and nick go up and find a place in the middle of the feild. Load up his pipe and light up. After a while I'm finding the pipe to harsh for my vergian lungs. And make a xl pipe out of the Arizona can that I had gotten prior and keep smoking. We must of been there for hours. Since we had Burnt the whole gram plus a gram nick had brought himself.

    He gets up from where we are sitting in the field and walks away. At that moment I thought he had said something before he left. But ya I still wasn't feeling anything at that moment. So I got up and tried to run to catch up to him and that's when it hit me. The feeling was of separation of my physical body to my ......bodily feeling. My vision was in a perspective of when you pull a camera back but zoom in at the same time. And the onset of laughter was shortly followed. Along with the feeling of running on clouds

    I got out of the field and caught up with my friend only to lay on the grass and stare at the clouds go by. After some time I got up and walked home some 20mins and sat on one of those big green transformers with my friend and aet the munchies we got. Which for some reason to me I never got munchies till I started back up some 4 to 5 years later....

    Finished and we parted ways got home and felt sober. From that time on I occasionally smoked for about 4 months and gave up cuase I got board of it.

    Then after some 2 to 3 years of not smoking. I visited my sister and got offered to smoke. So I was like okay only problem was there was only one joint in rotation between me sis and sis boyfriend. So in saying that once I got high I kept forgetting to pass the joint. And after that another joint in rotation. By the end I couldn't talk without jumbling my words and sentences.

    Got some pizza, movies and a xl coffee with 2 shots of espresso. To someone that doesn't drink coffee I stayed awake all night.......

    watched 2 movies all I remembered of that was of a die hard live free movie. where they are chasing that big ass army vhelical thought the streets of London and seeing cars being rammed by this vhelical. Making pizza runs commonly, asked if my eyes were okay. Since I guess they were concernably red, and being high enough that I questioned myself on weather I could take a piss without fucking up.

    Played some need for speed hot persuit and failed horribly at it. Then went and passed out on my cousins bed for the night.

    And last after another couple years of not smoking.

    I decide to make a batch of brownies. I made them with a gram per peice in mind..... Lol I got 12grams of the best my friend K (from all those years ago ) could get me. I made them up and had a half peice right away..... Nothing just a 2min swaying feeling. Again another half and another half. Followed by a whole peice. And nothing that time.

    I went to visit my sister and brother on the weekend and gave them each a peice brother said it was good and my sister had it some months later and spent the day sleeping lol

    So back on Monday I had another half peice at 10am before I went to school since I had just had the one class and no work that day. Well I get to class feeling numb. And by the end I'm paranoid that I won't be able to walk/ get out of my chair. But i do just fine and to top it I bike home. So getting higher and I think 2pm or 4 pm I went and passed out in bed. And passed out I did for 18hrs woke up and was surprised I was still as baked as I was before I passed out lol. I spent my the next 2 days being high through school and work. And on the forth day I was burnt af.

    Can't wait until I can make another batch of edibles.::):.
  17. I was 12,I know way too young, but I never really got high the first time but then I went to my friend a's house and him and my friend d already smoked 3 joints each. Me and my friend n were like "fuck". Then he was like there's some roaches in the toy house outside. So we smoked those and those were small as shit. I got super blazed. I remember going to Taco Bell and looking my friend d in the eyes and then cracking up.

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  18. My 1st time high was with my older sister who was about 18 and I was about 14. It was the summer before high school and I always had interest in weed. I had smoked once before with my good friend but didn't actually get high. This time... I was with my sister and her boyfriend at my parent's house. He rolled us a blunt and we smoked it. I had, again, smoked before and not get high. After the blunt was done, I remember thinking "Man, I like weed but I can't get high, there must be something wrong with me" Everything was still normal. Out of no where, it hits me like a truck. I'm sitting in a chair, about 8 at night. When it hits, it is almost like someone turns off a light switch. It becomes a little darker outside, my hearing changes, I'm melted to the chair, and I can't stop laughing.
    One story I'll never forget and was one of the best experiences of my life.
    Good bud + 1st time high = A really good time ;)
  19. First time I got high was somewhere near the start of 2014 when I was 17, my step brother was house sitting a nice house (family friends house) withh an indoor pool and a nice undercover outdoor area we where drinking when one of his mates said he could get some weed delivered so we got 2g's for $50 not bad considering we where a fair way out of town, anyway by the time we got the weed i was quite drunk long story short took 1 puff of the joint and almost instantly started throwing up the room was spinning and ended up falling asleep. Learnt my lesson and the second time was much more enjoyable been toking ever since.
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    The first time I ever did weed was in the end of 8th grade with my brother and we had a cheeba chew(edible) we both had about 25mg and I was out cold later that night. He gave it to me at around 4:00pm and gave me a couple more doses till exactly 4:20 :) around 6:30 I was so stoned that while my family had dinner I felt like my stomach was going to leave my body and decided to pass out next to the toilet on the floor. Thankfully I didn't throw up but i was in and out trying to grip reality while i awoke during the nap time next to my best friend, the toilet. I finally went to bed which felt like forever but when i fell asleep it was AMAZINGLY relaxing. I thought by the time i woke up everything would have passed, however that wasn't the case. I had school the next day so i woke up around 5:30 STILL HIGH! I went to school and the effects or at least the aftermath was incredibly funny that during 1st period i was laughing at everything my teacher said then my friend was like "dude are you smoking something" and then i said "you have no idea" and we both started dying right until my teacher told us to quite down. Little did he know i was still high or at least felt like it.

    Just saying, I have no idea if it is possible to stay high that long off of an edible and if anyone wants to prove me wrong i would love to understand how long it is possible and honestly now that i look back at this, it was probably all in my head.
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