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  1. I was 14, a buddy of mine left for a year but came back to visit on holiday for a week. None of his friends were around so he hit me up to chill (note that before this encounter, we've only talked about the movie 8 mile haha). We meet at the train stop, trespass this private area & sit down in this chill spot. He takes out a baggie with a Weed symbol with a nug, rolls a fine doob & lights it up. He taught me how to inhale so I started doing so & got insanely baked/
    I still remember telling him "I feel like I'm walking on the moon man!"

    Ever since then I've loved smoking
  2. I was 15 in the middle of a field and my friend and I started smoking of course since I was new I was tweaking thinking I'm going to get caught, never will forget it
  3. I was 18, skipped class & went to the park with 2 good friends. We smoked kinda a lot especially for my first time, cause I wasn't feeling anything. We sat at a picnic table, and daaammmnn it hit me so hard lol I really felt like I was hallucinating! :blink: & I kept "seeing the beach" (it was a baseball but I still remember what i thought I was "seeing", it was like an orange/yellow beach painting.. Wtf was I smoking lmao
  4. i was 15 and it was on SB, i went to a private school and they made ours earlier than everyone elses. So i had smoked that weekend but felt nothing cause it was my 1st time, so my friend picks me up and we go to this chill spot by the river and smoked out of a water bottle he burned a whole in and put a piece in. After we burned i stood up and it hit me for the 1st time ever and i was trippin badd, the car ride bumpin music was the greatest thing ever, my boy took me to waffle house and we hadnt used eye drops and the lady took my order and she asked me what i wanted on my hashbrowns and i said (eyes red as fuck) chocolate chips, sprinkles, ohhh and some of that hot chocolate sauce,,,, with a straight face on not knowing what was going on at friend and the lady were cracking up and it took me 2 minutes to realize what i had said

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  5. The first time I got high.. hmm. Last summer my mates' mum went abroad with his little brother so it was just him and his friend (19). We were 16 and decided that we want to smoke. We got the rizzla and everything prepared, picked up a 10 of lemon haze and went for a sleepover. We couldnt roll but we tried our best xD They ended up looking like bazooka's but we thought we done well so we went and smoked. The first 2 spliffs and we had a little buzz. My friends' dad then calls him and says he will be there in 20mins to pick something up, cant remember what. I remember not giving a fuck and playing cod4 upstairs while him and the other friend were doing everything to get rid of the smell. She started washing floors and he sprayed everything he had xD
    So, we don't get caught. At this point we have another spliff left and we decide to watch saw. We kept laughing at people dying and got the munchies bad, but everything was prepared so we kept on eating and eating. I really needed to piss but I was scared because they kept saying that Voldemort is upstairs waiting for me so I sat down and tried to forget about the need to piss x.x
    Then it all cooled down a little and I got a random boner hahah xD
    So i took a pillow to cover it and they started taking the piss and I pissed myself :// They dont know about this xDDD It is my little secret. So without giving a fuck, I went upstairs and took a bath, washed my pants and got ready to sleep xD Went downstairs hoping that they didnt see anything, and they didnt xDD
    They then became girlfriend and boyfriend and the friendship between me and my mate split apart but I miss those days xPPP Second time we smoked the UK cheese, he couldnt stop laughing.
    He was wearing tracksuit bottoms then disappeared for 10 mins.. He then came in wearing jeans and said that he pissed himself xDD My other mate smashed his head on the window and we laughed even more xDD
  6. I was younger, maybe 14/15. I smoked a few bowls out of a glass spoon, but only got a slight buzz, and I assumed it was either fake weed, or I was simply unable to get high. A few weeks later I took a hit of Hydro from a friends bong. I still remember the feeling. At first, it was nothing. But 5 minutes later, my ears started ringing real bad, almost sorrounding me. I quickly ran to the bathroom (felt like I was super small, didn't feel my feet) and started trippy real crazy. All I heard was my heart beating in my ears, and everything felt like it was spinning (I was walking in circles for some strange reason). I stayed in the bathroom, pacing the entire time, for a solid 10 minutes. Felt like an hour.

    Afterwards, my friend asked me to order some TV series online. obviously still baked, I ordered backwords from season 5, and didnt have enough cash for season 1.
  7. My first time was on my 17th birthday two years ago. My mom gave me permission to try it out for the first time and my cousin picked me up around 11 am from school. The rest of the day we smoked and I was so high I was laughing at the leaves rolling on the ground haha. That night I drank around 15 smirnoffs and was fucked up just from the alcohol so I puked my guts up around 4 in the morning then passed out. I was more drunk than I was high.

    The first time I got REALLY high was about 8 months ago. I remember being at my friends house with another friend that picked up the weed for us. He was telling me about this friend who was selling him a car for $5 and he asks my friend if he had $5 he could borrow. My friend said no so he said, "alright." Turns to me very slowly. "Hey, you got $5?" I was laughing at this for the longest time for some reason lol those were good times.
  8. I was thirteen. I had this buddy who was two years older than me. He had a motorcycle.
    I used to ride on the back of it while we rode around through the hills and apple orchards. 
    One day my bud said he had some weed. I didn't even know what weed was. He had the coolest little one hitter. It was an ink pen. If you unscrewed the bottom end, turn it upside down, you could pop it into a hole in the shaft of the pen. He said it was a bowl, but I heard bolt. For nearly a year after that I called them bolts. Guys would laugh, then they would mock me, which continued until the joke part was lost and everyone in my gang just called them bolts. 
    Anyway, after getting stoned for the first time, I got back on the back of his motorcycle (neither of us had helmets.) and we rode around some more. 
    I remember thinking how awesome everything looked and felt. I put my arms out like I was flying, never once thought about how much it would suck if we wrecked. 
    We didn't wreck though, and the experience kept me coming back. 
    The next time my bud introduced me to something new he started out by saying "Hey man, it snowed in my living room last night!" 
    Yeah, my bud was every parents worst nightmare. 
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    First time I smoked was at lunchtime at school in minus 40 weather (canada). I didnt feel anything.

    Second time I smoked, we built an igloo or quinze type shelter out of snow with the highschool physical education class. Ripped a couple of bowls in there. Didn't get high.

    Third time I got high my buddies were like, "Hey lets go see Django!". Im down for that so he picks me up later that night. I get in and he hands me an MFLB and were in the backseat passing it back and forth on the way there. 16 hits later we arrive.

    I look at my buddy and Im like " I dont feel anything man!" He says "just wait" and kind of snickers.
    So, I get out of the car, and I shit you not it felt like I floated out. Confused, I look back at the car wondering how and when I exited the vehicle. We start walking to the theater, but for me that 2 minute walk was an hour long adventure in my mind.
    We finally get into the theater and we have to stand in line. At this point I am high as a kite, as it was my first time ever actually getting high.

    So, were standing in the line up, first thing I think of is how my mom would feel if she knew I was high. This lead to the feeling of my heart sinking into my stomach and an overwhelming feeling of guilt.
    Eventually the moment fades and I keep zoning out while standing there.

    Everything felt dream like, colours were so bright and each conversation in the lobby just turned into one noise of chatter. If I was to look group to group I could pick out there conversation from the "chatter" and hear it pretty well.

    Each step in the line felt like a millennium, whenever I would move and stop I would feel myself melting into the floor!

    Zoning out about once every thirty seconds, I would keep on forgetting where I was lol. Kept wondering if this was real.

    I had to have my friends get me a ticket and food since I was unable to function.

    We decided to sit in the lobby for a bit since the movie didn't start for another half hour or so.
    Im sitting at a table trying to stay in touch with reality and their conversation, but instead im just staring at people. Some guy sat down a table across and he was wearing a blue denim jacket. Im just like a meter away just staring at him, keeping eye contact just looking at him. He probably started feeling awkward, so he got up and left.
    It didn't feel like I was staring at him though, more or less just observing him. I thought he was a cop lol!

    There is a bright ad with a girl on the front with her hand resting on her cheek, head tilted to the side and smiling. To me she was winking at me. I have no clue why haha.

    Anyways I say to my buddy, "I think she wants the D!" Jokingly, at the time it was funny to me. He looks at me confused as to what im talking about as Im in my own little world. Then I see a whole table of girls get up and walk away! They thought I was talking about them hahaha!

    Now at the time my buddy was laughing, but instead of laughing I just felt that sinking feeling and honestly felt pretty bad.

    The movie was good, thought it was 3D at first. Overall it was one hell of an experience!

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  10. Smoked out of pipe made of tin foil for the first time. Barely anything and didn't get high. Second time was out of a chillum with my brother but the rest I have no idea.

    "My first time havin sex was in a washing machine.... I was five."
    -Thurnis Haley
  11. smoked 2 fat blunts before school started and I was so high . I kept tuning in and out of other peoples conversations and I couldn't move for a while . nobody knew what was up except for my bestfriend . after a while , it felt like my chair was 7 feet tall and I thought I was falling out . good thing there was a sub that day !!

    when in doubt , toke it out !
  12. i was 15, end of sophomore year (i'm a girl). i had smoked a few times before but didn't feel much. one day after school my friend texted me and asked if i wanted to go smoke with him. we met at this park and he said he found a place for us to smoke but he was gonna ask his friend if we could just go smoke at his place bc it was closer. we ended up just getting him and this other guy and we all went to this place we just called the tunnel, it was a few tunnels for like draining flood water under this our neighborhood. we sat in one of them and smoked out of this new little pipe one of them just got, i got the first hit  :D we smoked about 1.5g between 4 of us. i got pretty high. it felt so great. i kept laughing about something and they were all staring and laughing at me haha. after a while they left and it was just me and the first guy. we were walking home and i kept staring at the ground, amazed. he asked what i was doing and i was like, "the rocks look like strobe lights!" he asked if i was ok and i was like, "wow you don't see it?" and he looked confused and said no. then we had to go separate ways and he had to keep telling me which way my house was bc i kept forgetting. i stumbled home, listened to some music (best thing to do when high, everybody knows that) and went to bed  :smoke:
  13. Aight! Son! I Remember when i first got high, like real stoned, I was 13 and in 8th Grade, me and my friends we're planning to get high one Friday night, There were three of us, I'm a guy, one of my friends was a guy and one was a girl, we all knew each other extremely well, Real tight and we were gonna get some weed of this guy but we didn't so it was gonna be crap cuz we've all been drunk and all we had was one screw driver and a little gin but later the girl rings me and says she found pot in an Elmo Sesame Street bag and took like 1 or 2 grams i don't even remember but she came over we road over to get the guy friend of ours and we went back to mine, it was really cold that night and it was dark as hell, we got mints, lynx, all this smell covering shit and got my mum to drive us all the way down to the dark coastline where there were a shop area with a supermarket, a beach, a playground, and a public toilet with no roof, we had a pipe and i shoved the weed in my pants, the girl had matches to we went into the female toilets there was nobody there and as i said before it had no roof and we had an umbrella so we got inside and had it over us it was really warm and cozy, we had to use 2 matches at a time and passed the pipe around, when i got it i kept hitting it real hard and coughing, once i had to sit down and drink lemonade, it was getting kinda weird and fun but we were out of matches and i was nominated to get more (We didn't have a lighter) So i walk into the shops that's about to close and walk around for about 5 minutes because i knew i smelt so much like weed and i was getting paranoid already even though i knew i wasn't high yet, and my guy friend wanted an Ice Break Coffee thing and it was near these teens and i thought they'd know cuz they are teens and probs smoked weed too, i waited for them to go but they wouldn't so i jumped in the isle grabbed it and ran out to the line and there was people behind me i was kinda scared and me looking kind of like i just turned 18 asked for some matches politely, he gave me them i ran out, payed, across the street to the toilets, we tried it more and still had some left, i was in the corner with the umbrella above me and surrounded by my 2 besties, i just noticed they were laughing for some reason and then something hit me i became lighter on my feet and payed no attention to my friends for several seconds letting my mind wander then i snapped back and squealed with excitement i remember i said "Holy shit guys do you feel that!? Do you like drift off into this dream world?!" I couldn't remember what happened 7 seconds ago it was a blank for a bit, then we all started acting awesome and they were laughing their asses off but i was like spacing out and like guys stop waiiiittt! With a smile i convinced them to pack up but we were all falling over and laughing eventually we walked across the street and i was with my guy friend and we had a hard time getting mints out of his pocket, i took about 10 and put them in my mouth, later on i spat one out and gave it to my guy friends and then gave another out of my mouth to the girl because i thought it would have been productive or something aha anyway we broke the umbrella and went for a walk, i could see a car come over the dark horizon with the street lights and the moon light and the headlights highlighting the small amount of rain it was beautiful and i felt like i was in paradise, no worries nothing bothered me, then the girl drank the screw driver we bought along and i thew away the gin in front of them saying i drunk it but i didn't wanna get caught and they actually believed me, one of them still thought they were both in the bag we brung along, anyway we said we'd go to the cemetery straight across the road but that took us about an hour and a half cuz we walked the other way and had an idea! A threesome! Blah blah blah we didn't do that all that happened was that she let us feel her up don't wanna sound like a rapist but anyways we walked across the road and i thought it was a footpath that had grass on it and i started talking about random shit and i was like "Hey bro, So you know like paper boats? you can use them as hats too and its raining so lets make a paper boat out of my beanie and put it in the gutter and let it go into the sewers, You know "IT" by Steven king? h'ed be wearing a beanie cuz it fell on his head and he wouldn't be scary anymore" And he was full engaged in this while our other buddy was like 4 meters in front of us and dancing to music, Then i got scared and sprayed Lynx of the umbrella cuz i remembered one of them saying it'll smell like weed, cuz when we smoked in the umbrella i came up with the idea to make a "Smoke room" out of it, anyway i remember ringing mum and getting her to pick us up, she did and we were all in the back going home to my place, the guy was spacing off with me, and thew girl was laughing like hell and i checked before we got n the car we all had red eyes, Mum didn't take notice luckily, we got home i was playing something on the Xbox, Girl was ringing randoms and the guy was posting crap on Facebook next to me then me and the girl wanted to make nachos so i got Doritos, in the kitchen, shoved them into a bowl, shoved some cheese on it and put it in the oven and didn't even turn it on and ran back to the room, We woke up in the morning and didn't remember much, we all remembered the threesome idea by the other guy and laughed about it, Went for a ride that sunny morning and it was a beautiful time.
  14. I was stressed cause of some girl ik so my friend suggested smoking with him so we went to his place and smoked. Then we got food and I fell asleep while watching netflix. Best day of my life and the best decision I ever made!

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  15. You should be ashamed that he writes better than you!
  16. I was 13, and it was the summer leading up to high school. Myself and several of my friends decided we would all try smoking weed together for the first time because we thought everybody would be smoking it soon. We bought a 20 bag of some outdoor shwag from my friends brother and saved it for the perfect night. Around the beginning of August we felt the time was right. The internet wasn't that popular yet and we didn't know how else to smoke it so we made a plastic bottle/tinfoil pipe, and I must say never do this! I only tried it once and I was probably higher off fumes than the 2 hoots of dirt weed. We headed back to my buddys place and split a mickey of JD (we didn't know about good whiskey yet haha) and watched a movie.
    I definitely had a better time the second and third times I smoked, by then I had learned how to roll joints and found weed that came in nug form. Back then I would only smoke every few months so my tolerance was sooo low. I remember thinking I could time travel off of one joint. I would just ride around on my bike baked as shit haha. I miss those days, but I'd rather have a high tolerance and smoke good weed everyday then go back to smoking swhag every other month. 
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    So you were smoking shake?!?
  18. Aha i love how hes stern as a motherfucker about a kid being not 18 and then he goes on talking about he smoked when he was 13
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    When i was 13 i was in my friends basement, and we both smoked a joint (he stole a bout a quarter ounce of weed from his dad), and i didn't inhale because i was scared (hands were shaky as hell) and my friend took out this mini bong and inside my head i was like "Fuck it" and i took about 20 hits from the bong, and kept taking hits because i didn't "feel" anything.

    About 10 minutes later I got so fucking stoned that i was sitting on my friends bed and we got into an argument if i was stoned or not, and he said "Dude, your stoned" and i kept dening i was stoned for like a minute straight even though he only said if i was stoned once.

    After i came to the relisation that i was stoned, he showed me things to do stoned, and we did alot of fun things (played N64 for a few minutes, and watched 10 seconds of a movie) and we did stupid things that we didn't relised that we did those things (spilled juice everywhere, opened like 5 cans of pop, house reeking of weed)

    A little while later i got paranoid that his mom would come home early and catch us, and i felt like i was living in hell.

    Considering i I was so stoned, and paranoid i went to check the clock and it was (6:15 or 7:15), even though i went my friends at 6:00 or 7:00 even thogh it felt like 2 hours, the entire hell trip was 15 minutes.

    Next thing you know his mom comes home and i was freaking out like "Fuck, Fuck Fuck were fucked dude" and she says "What the fuck is this smell, and theres fuck juice everywhere"

    My friend was also a noobie smoker (smoked only a few times before) but he somehow pulled of talking to her casualy, and i just bolted out the door when nobody was paying attention, and i forgot my fucking skateboard.

    Next thing you know i had to walk all the way ACROSS TOWN to my house, and i had to stop every minute because i had the feeling i would fall, and i had to walk casual every time a car drove by, or person that walked by.

    When i arrived home my paranoia seemed to fade away (Parents were barely ever home so i never had to worry about being paranoid at the time)  so i layed in bed, and and i put a movie in the VCR and fell asleep even thought i was still day.
  20. I went to an outdoor 420 event out in the city and had some edibles. I thought it didn't work because I didn't feel anything for a bit. I was asking my friends why it wasn't working. We ended up in a candy store and I can remember just bursting out laughing and being unable to stop. The rest of the day is pretty hazy but it was so much fun.

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