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  1. i was 14, i was in 8th grade at my friends house with him and 2 other buddies. i had smoked twice prior but never got "high" both times i got a minor light headed buzz (which i thought was what getting high was) i had no idea what i was in for. first my friend showed me how to inhale properly, then we smoked out of a diet coke can, i suppose i took about 10 rips, having no idea what i was in for, after that smoke session (lasted like 30 minutes) we went into his room and i layed on his bed, i didnt feel anything at first then BOOM. everything become really slow and i felt like i was in a dream, i lost track of place and time and was paranoid that we wer gonna get caught, everything that happened 5 seconds earlier was a distant memory, i was scared out of my mind. i remeber watching tv and just tripping non stop. those 3 hours felt like 3 days! too this day despite large consumptions (10 blunts in one night, hour long vape sessions, etc) i have never been more "gone" than i was my first time. ha. what's your story?
  2. My first time was about a year ago on 4/20. We were sitting around a fire outside and just passing the bubbler around. We probably smoked about 3 bowls. After the session we were just chillin telling stories and stuff and once I stood up and walked around, everything felt like it was in slow motion. I put my hand in the fire and it didnt even feel hot. I kept saying "dude, I think I'm high" to my friends but they were like wrestling on the deck or something and laughing really loud. I was so confused on what they were doing and what was going on. I sat back down because I was feeling "scared" because I've never been high before. I went inside by myself and sat down on the couch in the other room and picked up an acoustic guitar. My fingers looked so cool when they were moving and it was really hard to play it because everything felt really slow. I then went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes looked like they were changing colors. I went back on the couch and just chilled because I didnt feel like moving while my friends were still outside wrestling in stuff.
    After a long while, when we were getting ready to pass out I remember seeing a bag of cheetos and it looked like it was really far away from me but it was about 2 feet from my hand. I'll never forget that "slow-motion" effect I got when I first got high. It was probably the best feeling ever.

    Miss those days :(
  3. I was 12 and it took me and my best mate hours to get there, we had to keep re-lighting and re-rolling our crappy blunts..after ages doing this I fell backwards off my top bunk onto the (double) bed below and got the giggles, then realised I was fucked..

    Me and my friend giggled hysterically and gobbled chocolates for hours..I kinda fell in love with it after that. :)

    (I realise I was pretty young ...but at least I didn't touch tobacco for a few years)
  4. My story is really similar to yours actually. I was 16, having thinking weed is the devil for most of my life i decide to try it. but didnt get high for the first few times. Then, my buddy determined to get me high, brings 10 grams of weed to our next group get-together. we smoke like 1.5 of it by a bond fire it was real chill. then, it hit me. as i started coming up i laughed nonstop at nothing. then, my limbs felt like they wanted to float away and i had to hug my knees to my chest to keep them from going away. and no mater how soon something happend, It seemed like it happend 5 years ago and i needed to confirm with somone that it actually happend. I couldnt stop smiling. It was alot better than i thought it was gonna be. ive gotten alot higher than this though up to this point :smoking:
  5. i was 11-ish, 7th grade. my two older brothers took me to the garage around 10 at night when my parents went to bed. i smoked out of a pipe and finally learned how to do it right and get the full effect after a few tries. the older of two brothers tested me to see how high i was and but a knife against my arm and started moving it back and forth as if he was cutting me. didn't fase me, i just watched him confused. he made me go to bed after that.
  6. ^^ disturbing :hide:

    Naa... just messing with ya .. :)
  7. Well the first time i smoked was in grade 8, and I got rushed by 3 cops on bikes.
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  8. Memorial Day Weekend Friday night 10th Grade, I was with my cousin and his friend at the beach, neither of whom smoked before, I've smoked 3-4 times before, but didn't feel it. we where sitting around a camp fire, and we smoked out after a lung bong I made last time he visited, we all got ripped off of 2 bowls, it was the best high of my life, at some point that night, a group of persusumably black people walked past and me and my cousin (his friend was kinda passed out, but not really) decided to try to jump out and scare them, with a fire behind us, no cover, and I was wearing the only white shirt I owned at the time, we jumped up, and started laughing our asses off and told a group of complete strangers how ripped we where, while walking past one of them asked if they could skeet on someone's face, we pointed to my cousin's semiconcious friend, but they kept walking. eventually we walked up to my cottage and ate chips on the front porch, paranoid as all hell. ahhhh good times, thanks for giving me a chance to relive this, great thread
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    didn't even hit my 1-year anniversary of getting high, (started kindergarten when I was 6), I'm going to smoke there for my 1-year, hopefully with the same people.

    P.S. this took place in Conneaut Ohio, it would be amazing if someone reading this was in that group that walked past us.
  9. first time, it was a sunday i remember because jake911 smoked before church and told his mom he didnt wanna go so he could be high haha.. anyway.. its like 8pm and i get to jakes and we smoke in his room out of a ghetto water bottle bong, and i remember my first hit was massive. blew that shit out and preceded to hit it like 2-3 more times, all pretty big hits too. His mom was still home so we went outside and ran around a bit to get everything pumping, then we sat in my car. All i remember next is that i felt everything lifting and jake was yelling about how he saw a giant head of john wayne at the end of the street.. and then we laughed for like 10min straight. I dont remember anything after that but i assume it involved food, and lots of it
  10. The first time I ever got high was with my brother when I was...14? We did parachutes, I was fucked for hours, haha. We blazed at this one park by our house, the thing is full of these huge hills (which I lovingly refer to as the Death Hills cause they're so steep and trecherous) and I remember hearing a police siren and getting paranoid as shit. I bolted up from the log I was sitting on and tried to get up the hill but lost my balance and fell down hahaha.
  11. mines a little weird and im still trying to interpret it. my bro had 2 bags of some good dank, and he would pack bowl after bowl of this shit, probably 8 by the end of the night. after we got done, i couldnt keep up with the conversation because i would forget what people were saying, so i was freaking the fuck out. i would sit there and actually listen to what someone would say and wait for the next person to talk and see if i could remember the person before and i couldnt. i began to freak out in my head and didnt want to bring it up so anyone else cause they seemed fine. then all of a sudden i hear the same conversation i heard minutes before. out of nowhere i was able to remember what everyone was saying, BUT THEY WERE SAYING IT ALL OVER AGAIN! so now im wondering if theyre doing it on purpose. after awhile everyone had to peace and i was just sitting there wondering what the fuck was wrong with me. i like to call this a thought loop that i got stuck in.

    thats the end to my getting high for the first time story.
    but this is the payback story to the friend who smoked me out.

    now i find this extremely funny because to this day, my first time smoking has confused the hell out of me. well were up in the northern part of florida visiting family, i had brought a couple of hits of acid. i think i had 12. we ended up eating 2 a piece. well it was a great great trip the whole time, then about 8 hours into it, i walk into the living room to find my bro laying on the couch stuck in an acid thought loop!!!! i knew exactly what it was when i seen it, he was laying on his back and every minute would say "i dont wanna go no NOOOO" and just kinda drift off into this dazed look, like he was swimming through thoughts and thoughts in his head, but on the outside he looked completly dead. his phone was dieing and he was holding it in his hand, so it would beep every minute to tell him to charge it. well i guess this beep woke him up so everytime it went off, he would snap out of his thought loop, but proceed to say what he did before....."i dont wanna go back, not again, not this time no NOO" and he was gone again. there was nothing i could do because i was getting scared looking at it so i had to walk outside and venture around some more. he proved to be fine about 2 hours later,

    sorry for the long post, i thought it was such a coincidence that he smoked me out for my first time with some dank and fucked me up, and i gave him his first intense blotter and fucked him up in almost the same way. haha
  12. I was 16 and I tried it once before but didn't get high. I remember splitting an eighter of chronic between 5 kids each paying 10 bucks and traveling to get it after a 1/2 day of school the first day of spring break. We smoked out of a pipe and then went to taco bell where I sat and laugh and found it so funny. We then went bowling. I don't remember much that happened between then and now. But I do remember that.
  13. My first time I was 16 and my best friend smoked me out under a bridge. We smoked out of this little wooden pipe. I dont think i got high at all, but I remember being really paranoid. I got the pipe and a gram from him and smoked by myself late that night and still smoked about a bowl but I was so high and that's when I understood why people did it. I remember thinking about how much I liked the high all the next day until I smoked again.
  14. aged 14
    with 1 friend
    out of a fucking highligher and tinfoil
    inside my house because we totally underestimated how much it would smell
    nothing special
  15. i was in 8th grade(i was 13 i think) and i had bought weed from a friend and i hid it in my sock during the day haha. So like a few days later i was at a dance party or something and myself and two boys, rolled a joint in printer paper and snuck out of the party(parents were watching the doors) and ran to a park to smoke well it barely lit and i dont even think i got high haha. then we snuck back in haha
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  16. i was 13, i had smoked before but didnt even get a buzz. then we went to my freinds house after schoool smoked like 5 joints his brother had rolled up and when i stood u to leave after tokin up it hit me, i got high as fuk the seocnd i stood up lol
  17. My first time was with a couple of friends who had smoked only once or twice before. We scored a little ass jay from a friends brother and smoked it hiding under a tree. I felt a little buzzed and thought that I was baked. We wanted to smoke some more so we called some of our buds who smoked all the time. We hot boxed 5 bowls in this guys car and I didnt feel any different. we got out of the car and decided to walk to my house. In about 10 steps it hit me. I was toasted. The walk should have lasted 10 minutes but lasted more than three hours, we got lost multiple times and laughed the whole was a great night.
  18. I was at a 'party' when i was 13, and me and 4 other guys smoked about a gram out of a pop bottle while sitting in a tent.... I was pretty blazed ... and thirsty.. So I asked the guy that lived there to take me in to get a drink....

    While i was in the kitchen (trying to be quiet because his parents were asleep) I asked him where he kept the cups... he replied "in the cupboard." So I turn around and I swear this guy had 6000 cupboards.... So I burst out laughin histerically while trying to squeeze out the words "Which one?"

    It was a grand ol' time.
  19. After school when I was 14, me and my buddy went to his garage where he skinned up (with me as lookout lol.. sketch) two single skinners. We smoked them and then went for a cruise on our bikes. Twas quality :devious:
  20. Went to the indoor skatepark one day and these kids were smoking a joint but the owner of the park came so they put it out. After the owner left, I was like fuck it, all my friends do it, its time for me to get down. And that is exactly what I did. High as fuck for 3 hours and it was the start a very fun part of my life haha.

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