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The first time i got STONED!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xRavager, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I remember like it was yesterday :p, i had tried getting high on 3 different occasions and been dissapointed each time, the friends i were with sorta hogged all of it (which at this point i guess i can't blame them). But the one day, i hung out with my other friend and he was determined to get me baked out of my mind, which he did, ohhh he did. He fashioned a pipe out of a piece from a beer distiller and had me smoke 4 well packed bowls from it. I was already baked but we went to the woods with more of my friends and he wanted me to do another, so i inhaled, and was counting to 4 1...2... and then i saw lines shoot across my vision and it was like someone shut a t.v. off. I saw pure whiteness, and heard voices, and felt a tug at my arm. Then, someone turned the t.v. back on, and i saw the ground moving below me, i was highly confused, then i saw feet, fighting to regain balance, then realized that they were my shoes, so i regained my balance (i to this day don't know how i didn't fall) and looked, about 10 feet away was a group of people and i was like "where the fuck did i just go? what the fuck just happened? who are you?" then it hit me that they were my friends, haha. But my one buddy vinny said "jake you blacked out dude" he grabbed me by the shirt so i didn't fall (which explains the tug) and he said i stood right back up so he thought i was cool, but then went trudging away. I was soooooo high and then decided to smoke a bowl of salvia x10 extract, it was a half bowl, and actually effected my taste, it was like there was constant fruitpunch in my mouth, and popsicles tasted sour, animal crackers was like eating chalk :/. All in all, this stands to be my best experience ever.

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