The first time i got stoned.

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  1. What's up GC! This is my 2nd post here and today I really felt like telling you a little story about the first time I got STONED. Not high, but just completely fucking STONED. So the first time I got stoned it was probably my fourth or fifth time ever smoking the ganja. The first and second time I didn't get high at all, not even a buzz. But the third time I got high. Nothing major though, everything just felt slower and it was hard to keep on a conversation. Now fast forward to my fourth time. It was a friday night and me and my buddy "E" were sitting at his house listening to some Dubstep (listening to Dubstep while you're high is like jesus). The only thing we were doing was waiting for his parents to leave so we could smoke. His parents finally leave and "E" pulls out his glass pipe and pill jar filled to the top with good looking bud. The pill jar had a label on it that said "Jack the Ripper." His stuff is medical so most of it has labels and comes in pill jars. So on the second bowl he gives me greens and I hit the pipe like a champ, practically killing half of a really fat bowl. I cough like a bitch and drink some water. After, I just stared at the floor for awhile. All of a sudden... I just get this feeling. The only thing that I can really describe it as is going really fast in a car in reverse. SERIOUSLY. I'm sitting on his couch and it literally feels like his couch has wheels and were going backwards at 1000mph. The whole time my eyes are closed and the coolest thing about the experience is that I was seeing LASERS flashing around in my head and the lasers were moving to the beat of the Dubstep. So basically I'm speeding backwards in a couch while seeing a shitload of lasers flashing at me. Felt like I was in a UFO or something. I honestly don't remember how long that went on for. But all I remember is that after me and my buddy went to go pickup some Wendy's. I ate so much. God I love weed.
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