the first time i got high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Skizzy_Dizzy420, Mar 26, 2003.


is this fucked up or what?

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  1. i went to one of my friends houses with this guy i had known for like a week, they said they had some good weed and i said i wanted to try it, of course i lied and said i had smoked before. (i was 16 at the time, give me a break..) so there we were and all the shit was laid out the table, and i thought about it and was like fuck why not? so we smoked 2 quarters and i was fried off my ass. it was only 8:00 and i had to go home at 11:00 so i sat outside and my friend brought me a beer. and dumbass me drank it. so not only am i buzzin but now i have alcohol on my breath. and i don't remember what else happened. my friend says i passed out and he brought me home and i walked up the steps and inside. then my parents caught me and i was grounded for a whole month. but whatever. they can't do shit now i can smoke all day and all night!!!
  2. lol. My first high atleast I didnt get caught, thank god. but I was so HIZIIIIIGH! lol
  3. Man....the worst is when you don't have memories like that....I honestly don't remember the first time I got high....I should be able to, it's like a fucking milestone, but has slipped my mind. It's strange, b/c usually I remember everything when I'm high :(
  4. parents suck.....plain n simple....
  5. heehee... kinda like the first time i got real high... lucky for me no one knew what was going on xcept the peeps who i got high with.
    it was in college and i had to go home cos i felt so screwed up. i've told that story like half a dozen times in the city so i'll spares yas it again.
  6. the first time I got high, I was hanging with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. I knew they smoked before but they said that they were becoming total pot heads and were high all day everyday (they had been out of school for a little over a week). I proceeded to hang out with them and when it was time to freshen the buzz I joined in. Why not? So that night I smoked a shit load and got incredibly fugged up. I was stoned off my as before 8 PM and went home a little after midnight. My parents were in the living room so I just said hi as I walked quickly up the stairs an went to bed.
  7. The first time I sparked up a doobie? Hmm....don't remember!

    Just kiddin'!:D

    I was about 15 I think, and it was weird but good weird.
  8. First time i got high i was 12 i couldnt notice anything then i did it again and nothing happended then i went to live in seattle (i still do) And i was at my sisters boy freinds house and he had some chronic and he screpped his pipes and stuck the resin ontop of the chronic and we smoked it was kewl until i started droling on myself so i went to the community center (it was like 11:30 p.m.) asnd went to sleep there. Then like to months ago i smoked a bong for the first time and i took the fattest hit ever and the first half hour was kewl cause we were watching real tv and my dads freind was all freakin out cause what they did (i smoked with my dad) and then i started puking everywhere it was kewl at first but then it totally sucked i was so weak for the first 3 days after that but now im all better

  9. if the end result is that you can smoke weed all day and night, then there's no WAY that's fucked up ;)
  10. My first time was with about 5 of us. A friend had rustled up a bong for us, I didn't really feel anything much that time, but a fellow member of this forum was pretty fucked up and somehow managed to forget he was passing his grandparents house, screamed when he noticed, started running and flung his Dad's phone against a wall. I found it all pretty comical.
  11. The first time I got high was in December of 2002. Me and my college friend Sarah had dopped my bro off in Arlington and his GF (who gets some killer weed) gave us about a dime sac in exchange for bringing my bro out to arlington shes really cool. Anyway, I got so fucking drunk and stoned and I kept blacking out and I couldnt stop laughing and every time I lay down on the floor I could swear my head was flying away it was great! We tried to bake pies and i stuck my hand in the oven without thinking but I laughed because it didnt burn. That was a great buying a dime sack tomorrow but i cant smoke it cause im tryin to stay clean so I can apply for summer jobs.........but just so the dime sac will be there when I need it heheh.

  12. damn...i wish i had the kind of will power to *not* smoke weed in my posession...basically for me, if it's there, i'll smoke it ;)
  13. lol she just likes to moderate the intake we have she thinks that there is a limit
  14. yeah, sounds like your friend isnt too smart. unless you're doing it wrong. takin a bunch of hits way too fast. and i bet you arent. ohh, shit, who cares right?.... d,emna

  15. damn straight you should enjoy it :D

    take as many hits as it takes to make ya happy!

    there's no satisfaction in a half-assed job :)
  16. And then she will be like "OOO your smoking too much your already high, lets just save some for later" and im like DAMN light it up bitch lol. I think she usually acts like that because even though I put in on it she put in on most of the money whenever we have to buy the weed she she considers it hers. Like one time she took it and went to smoke it with her sister. That time we both put in equal halfs. Its okay though cause by the time my babies are done bloomin around july or hopefully mid june ill have my own and I will be the weed hog HAHAH. But dont you guys HATE weed hoggers? And ugh parental figures who needs those at 18 HAHAH

  17. first off it was NOT flung, it was "dislodged from my pocket". and i did try to live in a bush, it was like a archway of vines and plants and i couldnt see the end, it was beautiful... yum.. it was a laugh

  18. the worst is the ones who hold onto the joint, and start tellin a story about their childhood like the joint is the fuckin talking stick or something :p
  19. first time i got high was in the woods with a bunch of my friends and about three 16 year olds. i was only about 12 or 13 at the time. we had a hand carved wood bowl and it hit nice. after we all got blazed we went back to his house and i was laying on the ground with my friends pretending like i was lifting weights and it was kinda hard lol.

    what a memory . . . and no i wasnt caught smoking till i was 17 by my parents
  20. It's gonna be cool when I have a kid. Some day. Well. I probably never will. But it WOULD be cool to catch em smokin. Or smell it on them or something. And act like I'm gonna freak out. "OHMYGOD YOU'RE ON DRUGS AREN'T YOU!?! DO IT AGAIN AND YOU'RE KICKED OUT! I'MA DRUG TEST YOU EVERY WEEK!" And then let them think about it for an hour or so.. and then fire up a blunt with them like "I was kiddin ;) ;) you got a pipe or somethin?"

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