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the first person

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bandie, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. i heard a 'rumor'-ish like thing

    that when you first smoke pot, you are always gonna feel something for the person that taught you how to do it.

    is that true?
    or did i misunderstand what they were saying
  2. False, sir.
  3. I think it's true. I love the first person that taught me. I guess because I always believed the fake hype that stoners were essentially stupid unpoductive memebers of society. And the person who first smoked me up, isn't that way at all.

    It allowed me to extend myself into a different world. I'll always love him for it.
  4. personally, i love the guy well i dont love him that sounds kinda gay but, me and him are cool still even though all my friends arnt friends with him anymore
  5. Nah i dont think its true.

    But i love my dealer...does that count?
  6. It varies.

    Some people have a "moment".

    Some people smoke and dont.
  7. Not true, but it depends really WHO taught you; if it's your friend, obviously you'll love him no matter what
  8. What if it's my dad? Should I love him more? or should I fear he might have been the "gateway man" even though he's supposed to be my father.:confused:
  9. There is nothing in cannabis that will make that happen, but I always thank my friend for introducing me to this beautiful plant.
  10. What you were probably told is that it creates a bond between people when someone first gets you high. You just interpreted it (or it was said in such a way) that you thought they meant something in the pot made it happen, or something.
    I dunno. I'm high. That made sense to me. :D
  11. The guy who smoked me my first time is cool, but not that chill

    The guy who smoked me after I stopped for a long ass time is an ass now, so I dunno

    I like my first dealer though, he's a cool guy
  12. yeah me and the guy i first smoked with are still very tight. stopped hanging after i got busted way back in freshman we are just as chill as we used 2 be. but i honestly understand how that person could psychologicaly affesct you...association of a good thing witht he person. makes sense
  13. I think it's false, I have no feelings toward the girl I first smoked with, she wasn't bad looking or anything, actually she was pretty cute, but there was never anything between us...I don't think it was because of her that I started smoking or anything, if I didn't smoke with her I probobly would have done it a week later with some other bitch
  14. so i have a thing for my older brother? :confused::confused::confused:

    i have no idea why anyone would believe this, no.

  15. i didn't mean like a love relationship :) haha.

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