The first paintball propaganda!

Discussion in 'General' started by Durchii, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

    This one actually had me thinking. I know for a fact that I could not be stoned enough to forget to load my hopper. It just. Doesn't. Happen.
  2. i play paintball. what kind of idiot would 1. be on the same back bunker as ur teammate 2. pick paintballs off the ground to shoot

    tell your teammates that your retarded cause you were dropped on your head when you were a baby. They'll understand.
  3. He's a bigger idiot for picking the paint off the ground, ahaha...goddamn i really hate nonsense propaganda

  4. Fucking's a joke man!
  5. LMAO thats really really funny +rep Are there anymore?
  6. Where did you find that durchii? I want to know if its a real one, it looks just like a photochop tho.

  7. so was mine :p

  8. yeah i don't think it's real
  9. hahaha i saw that on pbn a while ago but forgot about it that shits funny
  10. Back when I used to be a member of a paintball forum(when I used to play paintball before I quit --> expensive as hell) we used to make stuff like that, pretty funny.
  11. My friend sent it to me via email. I saw right away it was photoshop *maybe even MS Paint* but I still thought it was funny to post. heh.

    Yeah, this anti Drug propaganda can definitely pry on your last nerve. What irritates me is that you always see someone passing a joint. You never ever see a 'My Antidrug' commerical where some beady eyed prick is hitting off a crack rock and mumbles something incoherently as they pass the steamroller. They never leave weed alone. Oh well. I think its sending the wrong message, personally.
  12. Yeah it is fake.. ITs been floating on the net for a long time.

    I actually played a tourney today. We didnt win, but in rookie we came in 6th out of 30 other teams.. Which in rookie really isnt saying much, but I had a blast!

  13. very very very good point
  14. ...Thats so Funny its not even funny...
    I played paintball the other day during a fire fight I went too reload...had 4-6 empty pods...still kickd some arse ...but still...I feel Like a Statistic!!!:eek:
  15. All my paintballs buddies get stoned with me, so they wouldn't be mad anyway. Losing is even fun with weed.
  16. haha that was funny +rep
  17. The funny thing is the fact that i seem to play better because i am more relaxed and more willing to take great risks. me and a few friends hit up a tournamen, baked the entire way there, second place, can you beat it?
  18. Viva la Nation!
  19. viva la nation!! yeah man, but I'de never smoke before ballin

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