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  1. hi there woz hoping someone cld help. I woz hoping to hav 4 or 5 super silver haze seeds cracked very shortley n need to know wot light to put on them as soon as there in soil. Ive got a 600 they r goni get once they r well rooted but im pretty sure thats way to much for the little fellas. Also should i keep them in a propagator till its time to change light ?
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    Yo Yo Yo wot iz crakin in da hood braza? ( I like the way you BASTARDAZING your language....NOT.... But any hoo I am not your English teacher ) Speaking of 600w HID , plants will be totally fine under it as long as temperature under reflector is in acceptable levels . One thing I have noticed : the weaker the light ( from the start) the longer it takes for them to grow big. I personally use 300w for the first few days and then switch to the full blast (600w) .
  3. Thanks for the input mate. I woz thinking of using a 125w cfl ! Is that to weak? Might giv the 300 a bash then the temp shld be ok wi that jst dont want to nuke them wi the 600. Im in no rush mate jst want wots best for the kids.:love:
  4. 125w will be fine , try to keep it as close as you can to your plants ( few inches) , but make sure to have temperature in between not too hot.
  5. thats what ill do then mate cheers. so will i not bother wi the propagator??
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    I grow in hydro and I plant my seeds in hydro system as soon as the germinate . You can use propagator but do no keep them there for too long , few days and they will be good to go.
  7. much appreciated mate thanks for the advice !

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