The first bouncy ball ever?!

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  1. So I was just thinking about what scientist claim they have known for a long time without any god-like evidence to prove such a thing in a theoretical model of limitations.

    Lets assume that all energy/matter (whatever you want to call it in essence) existed forever, it has been here and always been here.

    Thus it resides in all of infinite space, because we must accept that space is infinite, or elsewise it wouldn't be space, it would be filled with matter.

    So in such a case we have to assume that matter exists EVERYWHERE, because how could it just exist in some parts of all of empty space? What dictates this magical amount of matter? And obviously the one force that governs how it moves in the universe is gravity.

    Assuming such a case then, it is easy to supply the fact that all of the matter in the entire universe would pull on eachother into an equilibrium of motionlessness, otherwise considered osmosis.

    Now lets assume that YOU ARE GOD and you can go back in time infintiely and view the events that occur within all of infinite space and time, what do you see?

    Well you keep going back in time forever and you will always witness a first of something, so effectively there was never any first of anything, there was no first human, no first tree, and certainly no first bouncy ball, because as far back as you can go in time you will always see a new first bouncy ball.

    So lets fucking assume now the alternative case, which seems equally if not more unbelievable, and that is that matter is created randomly in the universe, spawning out of absolute empty nothingness.

    The implication here is that YOU ARE GOD again, and you go back in time and what the fuck do you see?

    You see an infinite duration where nothing remains in the universe forever and ever, this duration in our existance can be called "Never."

    And in this case, obviously there is a beginning.

    I don't know how the hell it happens, but YOU ARE GOD so you can figure this out for yourself too.
  2. In order for there to be nothing, there has no be nothing. If there is space in the universe, and no matter, there is still something.... space in itself is something, we just havent gotten far enough to figure out wtf is going on in ANYWAY. We have the theoretical "fundamentals" of "how" it all works, but we dont have any clue about how, the how works..... We can believe all we want we have solved some mysteries of the universe, yes, we may have, but they only apply to the portion of the universe we can experience.... we cant even base our judgement on distant bodies as we see them many MANY years after they are in the "present". Maybe the laws of physics age as the universe does.... maybe we are seeing portions of the universe still using the physics we live in, but really, if you were in that location, everything would be vastly different...

    Shit, even looking towards the center of our own galaxy what we see is many thousands of years behind what is currently happening where we are looking..... the universe is way way beyond our scope of understanding, its unfathomable size and quantity of bodies and forms of energy and forces are just way way too numerous for us to have a grasp on only a few thousand years into our studies on it...... it took it BILLIONS of years to form life, maybe trillions, who knows, so if you ask me, our pathetic study on it is NO where near close to a conclusion hahaha.

    But hey, if you want to play god and watch what happens in the universe if you do different shit, get Universe Sandbox on steam.... you get a blank slate universe, and you can fill it with galaxies, stars, planets, moons, larger objects, whatever and fuck around with space using the physics of the universe...... its amazing..... watched andromeda and the milky way collide.... watched a super massive black hole eat our galaxy at a million years a second.... so amazing hahaha
  3. Just like to point out space is not infinite

    I'll leave now
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    Depends on how you define the term. its infinite in the sense that it can technically have smaller and smaller and smaller objects allowing for inifinite layers of size and therefor it would never have a finite ending to its scale of mass. Or the other where is actually a limitless space of everything in existence expanding into something unknown at such a high speed there is no way for a human to perceive its end as the end would be in one place now, and then be thousands of miles away the next moment.... which would be seeminly infinite to how we perceive.... because you could approah the edge, and it would always be moving away.... for billions of years.... but yea its technically from what we have "found" not just an endless expanse of has "ends" just how we would perceive them is what makes the inifinite possibility seem real

  5. Indeed. I feel there is an important clarification to make between actual infinity and something being so huge it just feels infinite however

  6. Well what i meant more was that its infinite in the sense... that there can be smaller and smaller objects forever and ever making it possible to have an infinite amount of points and so on, but its not infinitely large, as far as we know atleast haha, assuming the expansion theories are correct.......

  7. lol have you been to the edge of the universe? How do you know for sure? You've never even left earth and you can talk about the edge of the universe? ahah
  8. You have to accept that space is infinite, because if space is nothing, and nothing does not exist, it doesn't exist omnipresently.

    As I said, if its not empty space, its filled with matter, you must conclude logically that space exists infinitely, anything otherwise would simply be magic.

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