The first blunt you ever rolled

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Im Steezy, May 4, 2011.

  1. I was barred out and i only remember looking at the finished product but ever since then i can twist a nice pearl, how bout you?
  2. first blunt i rolled was like 2 months ago
  3. rolled in my car in the back of a parking lot of a borders lol it looked like complete shit but i remember lighting that baby up with my friends and we couldn't get over how nice it burned. honestly probably one of hte nicest blunts i've ever rolled. good times :smoke:
  4. ...was today with my stonerbuddy:hello:
  5. Must have been three years ago almost, rolled probably 2gs of hydro into a nice blunt wrap back when they still sold them in stores in Ontario. Burned so nice and filled the whole room with smoke....knocked us out too!
  6. lol i hate when i have to roll a blunt in the back seat.
  7. first time when I was a kid we got a bag and called it lemon lime popcorn and rolled the ugliest backyard stick u have ever seen... Got high... Think we have a been there
  8. Never rolled a blunt, many joints, but never a blunt.
  9. Was in a hummer with some dime peices in the back. Shit was pearled
  10. Was in my room and i rolled it pretty much perfect lol. Now joints is another story.... lol.

    blunts are 100 times easier to roll than joints because you can keep peeling the blunt paper and resealing it and such. much more flexible while rolling a blunt.
  11. february of 2010 it was a white owl white grape cigarillo and it was beautiful

    now i cant roll blunts for shit because every time i party i take it upon myself to roll up like 20 paper planes and idk i just blow nut at tucking blunts now. lol
  12. I've only smoked one blunt before
    probably my last, for shame Ontario lol
  13. lol you guys are nuts. I love to twist a quick jip too, don't get me wrong.
  14. new years eve....never been so stoned in my rocked

    pun inteded shitheads
  15. First blunt came out fucked up, couldn't even smoke it hahaha. It had to be re-done by the blunt docter. The first proper one i rolled... i think i saved it for about 6-7 minutes just sucking on it and taking pictures because it came out perfect. Got me BAKED too, i passed out a while after hahahaha
  16. Haha I dont even remember rolling my first blunt, but Ive always been good at it I remember I never really had to learn it just came naturally... ;)
  17. I cant believe you guys can remember the first blunt you ever rolled. Ive rolled so many over the years but my first blunt was prob 10 years ago. im sure it wasnt the greatest but in highschool everyone said I could roll the best blunts. Its not hard at all. Ive been smoking just joints since I was 19 or so. Blunts kill my lungs unless its a dutch or natural tobbacco.
  18. haha yeah everybody says i roll a nice blunt too.
  19. I rolled it like a beast..It got everyone in the entire room probly the highest they have ever been in their lives..needless to say no one should have drove was that fucking epic :cool: BOOM

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