The first 4 things you go for at a chinese buffet

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  1. Everyone who enjoys Chinese buffets knows there are certain items which are usually a must have for that first round (plate)

    Mine are

    1. Lo Mein
    2. Some kind of sushi
    3. the chicken Teriyaki on a stick
    4. If no sushi, then fried rice. If sushi, then coconut shrimp prolly

    what are yours :hello:
  2. szechuan spicy chicken, the mixed seafood with squid + butter, lots of crab rangoon and teriyaki chicken on a stick.

    Mouth watering right now lol.
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    genral taos chicken, pork spare ribs,The big crablegs if there are any,crab ragoons, and beef lomein.
  4. General Tao Chicken, Lemon Chicken, Chicken Balls, Pepper Steak
  5. lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, fried rice and those little crab puff things :smoking:
  6. Lots of shrimp, ribs, chicken balls with that thick red sauce, chicken fried rice

    OMG, i think i might have to go blaze a fatty and go pick up some chinese food.|
    DAMNIT, its almost 11 at night.. too late, lol. :smoking:
  7. Uhhhhh, crab legs? Come on guys. :smoking:
  8. bourbon chicken then rice then i get like 3 other chickens or Mongolian pork. I just love bourbon chicken though.
  9. 1. Snow Crab legs
    2. Pork Fried Rice
    3. Lo Mein
    4. Pork Spare Ribs
  10. orange chicken
    kug pow
    fuckin crab legs
  11. u should still blaze a fatt tho :smoking::hello:
  12. Main Plate
    a bed of fried rice

    1/3 scweshwan chicken
    1/3 mongolian beef
    1/3 broccoli beef

    on top

    Side Plate

    3 Crab raggons
    2 egg rolls
    1 rat on a stick
    2 chineese donuguts
    hot mustard
    sweet and sour
  13. Crab Rangoon

    Crab legs

    General tsaos chicken

    Teriyaki chicken on a stick
  14. Egg rolls and that duck on a stick.
    Other thank that, crab legs and some cakes and breads and wiff coffee!
  15. 1. Lo Mein
    2. Tao Chicken
    3. thai peanut chicken
    4. broccoli beef
  16. Oh this is my thread, i love chinese buffets. I usually go for more than 4 things, but my top 4 picks would be: Orange chicken, Shrimp fried rice, Crab Ragoons, and Spicy tuna roll. I usually don't trust buffet sushi, but this one place called lion garden near me always keeps it fresh.
  17. For sure the crab rangoon, teriyaki and the hot & spicey chicken.

    Man I got left overs in the fridge right now.

  18. Ah yeah, fellow General Tsao's Chicken lovers. My other three choices are: pork fried rice, boneless spare ribs, and crab rangoon. Fuckin' scrumptious.
  19. pineapple chicken.
    Honey garlic spare ribs.
    Crab rangoon.
  20. I'm sure most fellow stoners could agree..
    It doesn't matter what you go for first..
    You'll get everything you like in your stomach by the end of the meal anyways.

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