The Firehouse 3000 WATT HYDRO!! (chernobyl, kandy kush, bubba kush, mendo purps)

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    New grow starts on Pg. 4 post #79! 
    Okay so this is my first "real" indoor grow with my own setup but I have about 7 years of experience w/ indoor and outdoor and have helped through many many indoor cycles, just never copped the $ for my own setup... until now...
    :rolleyes: :cool: :smoke: :D
    Sealed room 9x10x10
    18,800 BTU mini-split AC
    3000 Watts w/ adjust a wing hoods
    Ebb & Gro with 20 buckets
    50lb co2 tank w/ regulator
    70 pint dehumidifier
    2 vortex fans
    2 oscillating fans
    + lots of other goodies!

    KandyKush (5)
    Bubba Kush (5)
    Mendo Purps (5)
    Chernobyl (5)
    Aphrodite (1 in soil)
    OG Kush (1 in soil)

    I lost my mothers last seasons so I will be starting over from scratch, never grown any of these strains so I am really excited to try something new and see how it turns out. There are 4 strains in 1 ebb&gro system all be fed the same water. I base my feeding off the lucas formula but also modify it according to what my plants need; I also run a few other supplements like Hygrozyme, Azamax & Cal-Mag.

    Any questions about my setup feel free to ask! Welcome aboard...

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    Here they are about 4 weeks ago when they were first transplanted. The clones were taken about a month before transplanted and kept in a cloner the entire time because my room took longer then expected to build; they were starting to look a bit :(. Nothing that couldn't be changed around real quick. Once I got them in there I raised the PPM's using lucas formula to 600PPM and hygrozyme 2 ml per gallon. The lights to start off are about 36" off the plants to avoid destruction until acclimated to the increased light.

    The plants are in rows of five and starting at the wall 1st row Chernobyl, 2nd row Mendo Purps, 3rd row Bubba Kush, 4th row Kandy Kush.

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    Here they are exactly one month later, looking very very :D and much much better then they were before. They received a three week veg and these pictures are taking at about 1 week into flowering. I ended up moving all my pots around because of height difference of strains, now the kandy kush and chernobyl are above the higher lights (chernobyl is double the size of any others) and the mendo purps and bubba kush are under the shorter light because they are about half the height of the others. Everythings goin great so far!

    Temp 70-72
    50% RH
    co2 @ 1200 PPM
    water @ 1200 PPM w/ lucas formula + 4ml/gal hygrozyme + 3ml/gal cal/mag

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    Just for fun here are a few pics of the room in construction:hello::hello:, everything was designed and built by me and some buds from scratch. I started off with an idea and some extra space and it slowly evolved over 4-5 months into what it is now. I added up the bill once everything was said and done and it was over $8000.00 after all the bells and whistles were purchased. Turned out pretty :cool:

    Also there are some picture of a little bit of last seasons outdoor drying and some samples of it. I filled that garage 4 times with buds like that, that garage is 30 ft long lots-o-bud!! The nug in the pic is hashplant which yielded about 4 lbs. Last pic is my girlfriend standing in one of my grape plants at about 3 weeks into flower, that plant yielded about 6 lbs dry.

    Booyaka :rolleyes::cool::wave:

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  5. Crawled through the jungle and did some trimming today. 3 weeks veg was definitely a little to long but I'm sure I wont be complaining once it comes time to harvest :rolleyes: It's just a lot of work keeping these plants under control. I have filled a 5-gallon bucket half full everyday for the past week with extra greenery that I trimmed off the ladies. Anything isn't supported by my screen gets the chop! :D Sometimes it's hard to trim big healthy branches off but you gotta remember how much it will increase vigor of the rest of the plant for the next 6 weeks before chop!

  6. All I have to say is...HOLY SHIT! That's awesome man...
    Hows the kandy kush??
    How long are/did you flower the kandy for?
  7. Everythings been in flower for a week and a half. Haven't ever even smoked the kandy kush just heard amazing things about it so I decided to grow it. I'm sure it's gonna be dank as hell though.:smoke:
  8. New pics coming tonight when the lights come on...
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    Nobody wants any pics!><!<!<>!<!!:hello::hello::hello: :smoke::cool::rolleyes:
  10. Love the room and set-up very much, But Im not interested in hydro !

    post pics, people watch even if they dont post !

  11. You are the man! Taht is a awesome set up. I wish I owned a house just to do that. Id have a massive set up if i did.
  12. Any time someone feeds water soluable minerals/nutes to a plant its basic hydro, a plant in a dirt filled bucket thats hand watered is hydro in the most simplest form. Understanding hydro makes you a better soil farmer, because you understand your plants ability to uptake just saying:)

  13. Who me ! Im just a dumb pig farmer !

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    We are all pig farmers in one way or another. :p:rolleyes: Well heres the update that's late, lol, everything is goin great and the plants look great. Everything is the exact same as the last update as far as temp, humidity, etc. goes. I'd say we are almost 2 weeks into flower by the look of the buds. :hello: Those clones are going to be my new outdoor plants and the next batch of indoor plants. Enjoy :wave: PS: Anyone know how people take those really good pictures with the lights on> I can't figure out how to on my camera!

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  15. Sorry man, you are wrong..

    - Wiki search word 'hydroponics'

    Even definition of hydroponics says..

    So in essence, no soil farmer needs to know anything about hydroponics. People for centuries have grown in soil. They dont need to know hydroponics to tell them how a plant uptakes nutrients :wave:

    Lovely lookin girls A2!
  16. Love your grow man. Mine is built in the same place as your (garage). i live right next to death valley so its a little hot in there but i maintain. You should check it out and give me some advice.

  17. Hmmmm. I dont think so. Pretty sure Hydroponics is the act of growing in a water based medium. NOT soil.

    B'Cuzz and Promix are called "hydro-mixes" because its soiless and you can use a hydro feeding regimin. But thats not Hydro either.

    Understanding the uptake of nutes isnt Hydro its called understanding pH.:rolleyes:

    Yezzir. Nice grow man. You like that Chernobyl? Ive looked at it a few times but havent ordered any yet

  18. would like to see more pics of the building process...
  19. Damn, nice grow. I like the garage setup!

    GL with your grow, hope you keep posting, I like to watch bigger grows here.

    stay up man
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    Thanks everyone for all the kind words!! It's nice when people actually respond, lets me know I'm actually contributing something to the city and not just keeping a journal for nothing. :hello::D *Ensano I don't have a lot of pictures from the building process but here's a few more pics so you can see what I'm working with... I love my lock!! :D *Vader, LOVE the chernobyl, grows fast and has great branching structure. *Captain I'll be sure to stop through and check it out! Enjoy :smoke::wave:

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