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The Fine Line

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sunsettoker, May 12, 2011.

  1. #1 Sunsettoker, May 12, 2011
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    I have been wandering if i am mentally addicted to mj. Now the reasons for this are -
    1. Thinking about weed very often(I cant tell if its abnormal or not because im a stoner on probation and in my opinion that would cause me to think about weed alot more since i cant have it for 3 more months.) But i thought about it quite a bit still when i wasnt on probation.
    2. Everytime i get a new sack its getting broken into as soon as im in a safe place even though i tell myself to wait i end up forgetting or something cause everytime i got high as soon as i could, and i stay high all night trying to get higher and higher because i got to accustomed to the...less.....stonyness? i dont know how to really explain that, although the next day i don't do that is just the first day. kinda weird but picking up a new sack is great and im sure plenty of people overindulge on a new fat sack of dank
    3. when i knew court was coming up i still didn't abstain.(I asked a question on here whether i should or not lol and they told me it would be okay and i ended up getting tested at court and failing lol not your guys fault though just some advice don't take the risk!) so essentially one of the ways of diagnosing an addict is doing the drug even though the consequence is much worse(probably the only one i agree with)
    4. conserving weed is not something you want me to do! If i plan on saving a gram and toking with a friend in a week i will come up with an excuse to tell myself like "ill pick up some more" or "ill just match him with money" or something.
    Now i put this in seasoned cause you guys will definitely have more knowledge on this subject. My only question is are these things normal for the average stoner because my mom thinks im mentally addicted and i thought welll....might as well see what GC thinks. Im not asking for a diagnoses or anything, but are these things that you do or are common with average stoners or are these in your opinion signs of mental adiction? im still gonna be smoking mj, but im going to have to learn better self control.
  2. The only real bad point is #4
    If you can learn to conserve then you'll be ok. I really use that as the determining factor between a normal stoner and someone with a problem.
    The other stuff? We've all been there at some point or another. Although, you might want to either smoke with your dealer or wait until you get home when you get a new sack simply because you don't want to get caught and have to go back to court.
  3. despite what people say, mj is extremely habit forming. Like anything when you enjoy it you want to do it more. I was a multiple times a day smoker for 3 years and its tough to get out of that mentality especially when all your friends smoke as well. But like everything in life - moderation is key.

    if you find you cant show a little self control then in my opinion yes you do have some issues with pot.

    next time you run out don't go and buy some right away - sit and chill for a few days - we all have to return to reality at some point. If you, cant be happy sober then you have some other issues going on in your life.
  4. sounds like you are mentally addicted yes,
    lucky for you,
    it's not physical.
    you can stop anytime you want,
    mind over matter.
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    1. Guitar players generally think about playing guitar, jocks usually think about football, and stoners think about weed.

    2. So you want to smoke your weed, so what? It's hard to resist those frosty leaves. And yes, you have a tolerance, every seasoned toker does.

    3. And? Fuck the system.

    4. Well, it's your weed, not your friends. Sharing is caring, but you shouldn't feel guilty for smoking your own weed.

    These are all normal, you're in no way addicted. In fact, there is no such thing as a weed addiction.
  6. #6 UnfriendlyToast, May 12, 2011
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    I would say, you need to stop for a long time and take a long look at why you smoke ganja. I went through a very similar mental situation. Good luck man its hard.
    Being without and finding out what makes you happy when you do not have weed is very important.

  7. Well there is such a thing as being addicted weed, but not physically like tobacco or heroin. Its more mental it depends on the person, but mental addiction be prevented in my opinion the cause of mental addiction is not having enough will power. Although some people are more susceptible then others.
  8. Yeah but what about the people who get addicted to things other than substances, like exercising, base jumping, or video games? Someone like that could get addicted to weed too, just not physically.
  9. #9 EndoMANIAC, May 12, 2011
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    AHAHAHHA, addicted to base jumping, that would be one hell of a life. All of the things you listed are hobbies, not addictions. You can form a habit around smoking weed, but that's not an addiction, now is it? No, no it's not.
  10. Blade I saw it on Nat Geo recently, this dude worked seasonal type jobs 6 weeks to 3 months at a time so he could raise enough money to go on a wicked base jumping trip in Switzerland, then once he's broke he goes and looks for another job.

    Yeah I guess you have a point, for some people weed can be just a really bad habit...

  11. A mental addiction is very very real my friend! ask anyone on here!
  12. Honestly I dont care what people say Marijuana is addicting

    Its mentally addicting definately, thats most likely why your on this site

    Its also physically addicting after 2 weeks of stopping for probation I felt like I had no appetite and my short term memory was alittle foggy, today im back to normal
    So IMO it is addicting

  13. IMO that isn't a withdraw. Like those are all things that mj help and cut out the mj its no longer helping with that therefore they are going back to normal. Sure if you smoke MJ for quite a while when you stop you are gonna notice some differences, but nothing like an actually withdraw for example when i quit smoking cigarettes i would get amazingly irritable didn't want to eat, shaky, my head hurt like hell, couldn't focus, and if you said something to me, and i just didn't like the way you phrased it get ready for a maelstrom. although there can be some physical effects from stopping i would't consider them effects that would drive you back to smoking MJ. Although mentally it will IMO
  14. It is possible to be mentally addicted to anything.

    The good thing about it, the cure is just coming down on yourself and kicking yourself in the ass.

    If you think it's that bad, and you really want to stop, delete your dealers numbers, hide all your pieces, do whatever you think it's gonna take to help yourself
  15. Its just not a major withdrawl like heroin or other drugs like caffeine, but thats just me thinking

  16. yeh i can agree with that

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