The Final Answer

Discussion in 'General' started by SkeevyStoner, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. I have solved the mystery of why being stoned is so wonderful. I'ts because you see things for what they really are. Why jokes seems so funny. Why music sounds so great. Why peoples true personality comes out. It's just why its great.
  2. thats so true.
  3. haha thats the way i think about acid,especially with music cuz u can like feel every little note of music go into your brain and u can feel the frequency's it creates... i think of weed as more of jus like a way to chill out and not stress the dumb shit in life and see life for wat its worth.
  4. I like it because it gets me high.
  5. Being stoned is wonderful because you're too stoned to remember everything that pisses you off.

  6. That's not true, I remember everything. I just don't get as pissed off about things.

  7. Things that make me angry completely slip my mind when I'm high
  8. the real reason being stoned is awesome is because it dumbens you. the obvious seems even more obvious, stupid jokes become funny.. etc..
  9. i love being stoned because im,,,,well,,,,stoned:smoking:
  10. yeah, getting high just makes you more you, it doesnt kill your brain liek other stuff so it keeps yoru mind on what it wants to be on, and exemplifies your own understandings of life and its happenings
  11. I like. Boobies.
  12. haha sweet me too

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