The fight that broke out at a rec game..parents involved...

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  1. This is a story from childhood.  We all knew my friends dad was a beast.  He drank his Budweiser and our friend would tell us stories how his dad would beat dudes up,
    Anyway, my best friend was a bit of a dick and a bully.  There was this one kid who was the cousin of this girl we knew and we always made fun of him.  My friend was mugging the kid the whole game.  I never wanted to look that bad infront of the town games so I didn't play real dirty.  I guess I just didn't feel the same way about the kid as my friend did.  I had no problem with the kid.
    So eventually this kid hits back with like a little elbow or something, then bam my friend turns and hits him.  He's beating up the kid for a few seconds and then the kids dad runs all the way to the middle of the field and shoved my friend.  His dad wasn't very big and my friend wasn't that moved by the shove.  I couldn't believe he ran on the field we were shocked for a second but then BAM my friends dad comes and spears the shit out the guy.  Then he just held him on the ground in a rage yelling to the guy that he'll fuck him up if he ever touches his son again. It was crazy

    After that they were all just thrown out.  My other best friend was on the sidelines watching and he took a ride with they went out to eat after that haha good times
  2. damn that's crazy...
  3. I maced a dude one time..because he was bothering me..the guy was about 5 inches taller than me and was a lot bigger...I could have kicked the crap out of him as he was on the ground screaming how bad his mouth and eyes burned but I just laughed at him and walked on...funny thing was the mace I carry all the time on me has red marking dye in it...I bet he looked funny as hell with that red ass face..
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    Yea I didn't like that he was always making fun of people and starting shit.  I got tired of him being a dick or just attracting people who wanted to fight.  Overtime we went our separate ways.
    One time we got into trouble as kids and his parents got all angry saying it was me that encouraged him and told him to stop hanging with me.  Even after we got past that it always bothered me because we were so close even me and his parents, I took offense to that.  We definitely hit a bump in the road when that happened.
  5. what
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    ummm...yeah I peppersprayed a dude for bullying me..just because your bigger than someone else does not
    mean you can go around intimidateing people and mistreating them..dude got what he deserved..
  7. Bothering to bullying is a big jump ...

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  8. that's fucked. The fact you even thought about hitting him on the ground to make yourself feel better is even worse. wtf man

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    Sounds like a bitch move then he goes on to say he could have kicked his ass after he sprayed him. Real tough guy.
  10. [SUB]seems like ur friend kinda earned a good shove from someone bigger but we cant really hate on the beastly dad for defending his son from an older dude even if he coulda handled it himself and its not like he raged and beat the shit outta the guy he just made him out to be the bitch that he was lol

    so I does not know what to say...other then cool story I guess that kinda fits unforutnaly iv seen a lotta crazier shit so this would count as one of those things that are cool if you were there and a part of the moment lol [/SUB]


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