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The Feud

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by oltex, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. The Feud

    “Name something that gets passed around…”


    Hilarious. But I miss Richard Dawson. He would have considered it a perfectly proper answer (which, of course, it is).
  2. aah perfectly acceptable answer hahaha
  3. And the joint beat out the collection plate!!! :eek:
    That was epic. What a sign of the times, man! That video made my millennium. :metal:
  4. True that, that was pretty awesome.

    Although, I hate to be the one who says this since I know Steve Harvey was probably only trying to make a joke. What was with his reaction? I get why the guy has to play it down and put a negative light on him saying joint, but the way he pulled away from him like that and acted like a total douchebag towards the guy afterward irked me a bit.

    The answer was on the board, he was right, and both the lady and the guy were having a good time and did not seem to really take too much of an issue. Steve Harvey totally blew it out of proportion, and his joke, if indeed it was, seemed way more mean spirited and dickish than funny.

    Just my .02 cents tho.
  5. Steve Harvey is obviously anti-marijuana. What a bastard trying to push his agenda on national TV. Atleast that's how I viewed it.
  6. He got points !:hello:
  7. Yeah, did you see the look he gave that guy when he touched him on the shoulder.

    That is not a joking look, if you could kill a man with a look that would be the one. The disgust and distain in his face is overwhelmingly apparent, even without the horrible joke/insults
  8. But I absolutely loved the reaction from the audience. They went wild, and were obviously very pleased that 'joint' not only made the list, but beat out the collection plate. Harvey was a dick, but the audience made my heart glow.

    Cannabis for Victory!! :hello:
  9. Yes the audience reaction was great. :p
  10. One small step for a skinny white man..and one GIANT leap for Maryjane!
  11. Steve Harvey probably smokes like a chimney. What he was doing was only for comedic purposed (like pulling his shoulder away, etc.). He did go a little over the top, but whatever. The crowd obviously loved it.
  12. :smoke:Best DING! I've ever heard.
  13. Your prolly right, he is prolly a chimney indeed!
  14. Steve Harvey always does that type of shit. I'm surprised the contestants take a lot of the crap he says. But it is a joke, I guess.
  15. Survey says...

    They don't show it but the others were "your sister" and "STDs"

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