The Fertillizer Theory

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  1. Ok so throughout my growing journey, I've had good times and bad. So i post here - to avoid those bad times. :hello:

    Now to my question;

    I've been using this Plant Prod 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertillizer for a while now, my girls are flowering and ive been wondering about adding more fertillizer...

    It says add 6millilitres of fertillizer to each 2 litres of water. So if i used 12 millilitres of fertillizer for 2 litres of water it would be like "40-40-40" solution? Wouldnt it?

    Can you leave more information about getting bigger buds?
  2. yeah itd be 40-40-40 but it would burn your plants and you if you is budiing you dont need the 20 or 40 of nitogen (i beleive) i would get a specific budding fertilizir as after i got tropical blooms my plants are somuch bewtter
  3. I am using Shultz Bloom Builder 5-30-5 Liquid Plant Food and it was not very expensive at all.

    Anything with a high second number Phosphorous 5-30-5

  4. Just remember, sometimes less is more!

    If they are nice and healthy, I would just keep doing what your doing. However, if you want to experiment, I would do it gradually.

    PS, I would just get some bloom ferts.
  5. I would stop using chemicals and use organics son. Why does anyone use chemical ferts when it is well known that organic bud is the best in all areas. Mother Nature knows what she is doing. Let her do her thing.
  6. Because chemical ferts are more potent, you use less, and they are more readily available for the plants to use. If your using organics your plants need time to break down the organic matter into useable food. Also, youll probably yield more if you use straight chemical ferts, it just wont be as good of smoke as with organics. This is why I use both organic base fertilizers and chemical bloom boosters. You get the taste, resin content, and quality of organic buds, and the yield of chemical buds....its a beautiful thing.
  7. I disagree, Liquid Karma does alot of crazy good stuff and quickly when used along with the pro blend and during flowering I use molasses every 2 weeks. I also pinch buds with great success as well as training to get light to all teh sites and my yield and quality far exceeds that of various friends of mine that use hydro and or chemmies in soil. I wouldn't mix chems with organics personally in fear of killing all the beneficial microbes in the soil that break down the nutrients and make it readily available to the plant just as well or better than chems.
  8. well it sounds like a good idea, mixing organic and chemicals. but i see where your coming from - but if your only going to use the soil one time, then forget about those little microbes toward the last month of flowering... dump in the bloom fertz im thinkin

    thats what im gonna do - ill look for something high in phosphorous
  9. I believe in pure indoor hydro ferts its the way to go in my opinion i do the same indoor as i do outdoor ph, fert ppm everything exceot the obvious stuff you cant do My plants outdoor are fucking monsters just a little rant lol

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