the fence.. a true story by brian

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by brian8472, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. narrated in third person by: myself

    main character: brian (me)

    brian= stoned

    i wake up my eyes hurt and so does the rest of me so i kinda just relax and lay there until 3 pm. then i gotta get up and paint this fucking fence so .. fuck i say, ill go off and smoke some of my emergency weed, and ya know your a fiend for sure when you start keeping emergency stashs about and your afraid and go into chills when your not high but anyways back to the story

    im out there and this is boring as hell so i take some more weed and roll out some more joints, here i am painting the fence smoking these joints down i go to the ground to paint the bottom then i start to cough, ok it stops im fine then it happens again but alot harder and im like...o fucking god...
    i thought my chest was gonna explode it felt hot and painful then boom from my lungs a whole lump of lung butter all over the middle of the fence not just that but i also puked up all my carrots and a ton of stomach acid so my whole throught felt like i had just had 3 shots of tiquella. my moms looking at me now just stareing at me so i wave at her ya mom im just painting this fence yep. so by now its 2 hours later its dried up nice and yellow and orange i thought if my mom sees this im fucking dead so i quickly paint over it. the fence is donw now, and people come over all the time and i swear if the paint rubs off , or not even that its a huge lump lol so it looks like it part of the fence

  2. errr... yuck. congratulations?
  3. thats like saying 'hard work sent me green'

    keep up the good work
  4. haha funny shit...but wouldnt it be first person?
  5. the best story i can do about fences is i was so blizt this one time on some crazy lased white rhino i started to see im like ok this is fukked up....i look over and i see this cop walkin besides me...n im so stoned i dont know whats goin on so for some reason i decide to run my ass off....i look over and this fockin cop is runnin my speed....i was like wtf...then i was on the ground....i blacked out...blah blah blah i wake up with no shirt on and one shoe and my friend says to me...ben man you were racing wit a fence then u hit a tree and knocked was some boom chron

    ps i was not on shrooms or
  6. what was the weed laced with?

  7. Yeah, that was a first person narration. If it had been a third person narration it would have been something like this:

    He wakes up. His eyes hurt....

    And second person narration would have been something like this:

    You wake up. Your eyes hurt...

    LOL!! I just made that last one up. I've never heard of second person narration! But if there is such a thing, I bet that would be it!

    But like I always say...
  8. Haha. Man. You hit a tree.. that's awesome.
    First post, hi2uall.
  9. I dunno, but whenever I hock a nice lung butter loogie I feel quite a sense of satisfaction. You know, the yellow ones with a lot of black shit in em.

  10. dude... I never fein for pott... EVER, like yeah, there are times when I'm like man, it would be nice to be stoned right now... but go into chills???? :/
  11. yea man fucking chills its nuts how i fiend for it...maby my stuff is laced lol

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