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  1. This is probably considered common sense but I really haven't thought about it in this much detail until recently, i'm still only 18 almost 19.

    When I look at the female, especially when im high, I really see them as this person who kind of sub-consciously does a lot of things to kind of attract us, the male. One of the biggest things i've always been really curious about is the fact that some girls just have a step to their walk that's just really sexual. I'm talking the whole ass sway, shake, whatever you call it.. sometimes I can't help but to feel that it is in purpose as a sex appeal, but then it may just be a sub-conscious act.

    Same with just looking good, looking pretty, putting on makeup and nice clothes, always having to be skinny, is it all for the male? Or is it just for feeling good about themselves? Probably both..

    Anyways, that's about all I have to say about that for now. Please expand blades :)
  2. Do you not think that males do the same sub-consciously in a different manner?

  3. Hmm very true very true.. ahahah
  4. I doubt they walk in a sexy way for us, more that we see the way they walk as sexy.

    there's all sorts of flirty things they do on purpose or subconsciously but "walk" wasn't something that popped up. there isn't a real reason to think asses are sexy except their symbol to our mating instincts as a sign of sexual maturity, health, and child bearing age.

    same with breasts and other things.
  5. Biology has less to do with sexual attraction that you would think. Culture plays a massive role in the identity of sexual symbols.
  6. It has more to do with your perception than anything else. You notice these things because they are attractive to you.
  7. the thing i would ask is, is the girl subconciously shaking her ass, or are you just carefully watching the way she walks?
  8. I recommend reading some books on body language and can really change the way you look at things.

    it all boils down to procreating and ensuring your genetics continue on or w/e. In most cases women or men do stuff like that even if a girl is stroking her hair at you or showing you her neck...she might not necessarily be consciously doing other words she might not realize that she wants to fu**, and might just be performing innate reactions.
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    Eh, both are very important. There are broad biological trends that tend to hold cross-culturally involving smell, symmetry, "youthful" (ie prime breeding age) characteristics, and things like waist to hip ratio.

    Almost all cultural preferences still operate within these confines and many of the peculiarities such as body modification/mutilation can at least theoretically be explained as a form of handicapping that basically amounts to show-boating. This is common in many species like, for example, the peacock or the moose. Male peacocks give up all camouflage and subtlety to show mates that they are bad ass. Male mooses grow huge antlers made of such massive amounts of calcium that they actually have to change their diet entirely just to grow them while they serve absolutely no purpose but making you look like a bad ass to potential mates.

    Of course there is room for sociocultural deviation from these biological impulses but for the vast majority of the population, completely independent of geography, nationality or ethnicity, norms of attraction can be fully explained via an evolutionary framework.

    To take it a step further, I would say that most behavior in general can be explained as part of an evolutionary mating strategy. In other words, the majority of what you do is borne out of an impulse to mate, no matter how convoluted that reasoning may have become before you became consciously aware of said impulse. All gender differences (and there are perhaps more in the behavioral realm than in the physical) can essentially be boiled down to the difference between the sperm and the egg.

    One mating strategy requires very little investment, as much mobility as possible, and constant energy spent gaining social capital (whether in the form of money, respect, fear, etc.) to attract as many mates as possible even if this behavior is very risky (every healthy woman who reaches sexual maturity will have an opportunity to reproduce....not so for every man, who must constantly keep throwing sperm out there hoping to beat out any competitors' sperm since one man can impregnate like 20 women in a day, while one woman can only bear the child of one man in a whole 9 month period.) The other requires careful mate selection, stability, and an emphasis on forging long-term and lasting relationships to get a mate to stick around for your super long gestation period (and for a few years afterwards, since humans are born dumb as bricks and need a lot of care in their early lives.)

    Once you understand that, it becomes very easy to point out ways in which biology directly influences the ways in which we live our lives and the ways in which we shape our societies. I won't delve into such things here, but I'd be happy to recommend some relevant studies and books to anyone interested. Society was invented to best fulfill the drives we already had and, yes, it has led to some pretty crazy shit...but mostly it's just led to a more complex stage on which to play out our animalistic desires and carry them to their extremes. It has not altered what we are fundamentally - at the core - which is basically just eating and fucking machines.
  10. Hmm this explains why I get excited when a women makes me food! Well that and I'm a fat kid who likes to eat and look at boobs :D

  11. Clubs are front lines for biochemical warfare. It is amazing how opposing sex attract each other. Beside the physical seeing and touching, there is a whole chemical arsenal use by both sex to attract people of the opposite sex. When women prepare to release te egg, their body changes. Their skin becomes tanner to have a better chance of getting a mate. They release hormones detectable by the opposite sex that makes them sub-conscientiously want to mate with that person. If you get close enough to someone about to drop the egg, your dick moves into ready position. It's crazy, and Our body sun consciously finds someone who has genes that would help replace inferior genes we may have, that way the offspring has a better chance of success.
  12. really ?? that's pretty cool ahaha i know what you mean though some girls just give on that vibe and bring a vibe out of me.. like even if shes not the hottest theres just something about her that gets the blood flowing to my penis much faster than with another girl

  13. There are other attraction cues that aren't even visual as well. The weirdest that I've read research on is the fact that if you have a bunch of women smell a bunch of t-shirts that a bunch of guys each just sweated into for an hour, they will tend (in a statistically significant way) to choose the shirt of the man whose immune system is the least similar to hers as smelling the most attractive. The evolutionary reasoning behind this is, of course, that this pairing would tend to create the offspring with the strongest immune system.

  14. I heard that too. there are other physical things like symmetry as well- symmetry is a great sign of gene strength.
  15. 'being skinny' can be a completely selfish thing. i don't think 'skinny' is the right word, i would call it being fit. being in good shape is sexy as hell, not just because of the way she looks but because the confidence that comes with it. and being in good health is definitely beneficial for herself.

    as far as putting on makeup i find that the more makeup a girl wears the less attractive she is to me....

  16. I like chicks that are in shape, but not muscular. 6 pack and on a girl isn't that attractive to me, I'm fine with a fit ass though.

    As for make up, it can be over done sometimes but a lil bit doesn't hurt.
  17. I don't mind some eye liner or mascara, even some lipstick can look mad sexy sometimes...

    but when you look at a girls face and you can see all the foundation she has caked on that thing and its all shiny and patchy and shit it's just like why?? i'd rather look at less than perfect skin than that mess

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