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the feeling of being high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mitch43, Aug 13, 2012.

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    i heard a story about bam margera that he did cocaine and then ate a $100 of weed(wasnt cooked or anything, just raw) and he felt horrible. im gonna try weed, but i dont wanna feel horrible. was his experience because of the cocaine? what does being high actually fee like? i also heard that you cant get high on weed unless its been heated or something to bring out the cabinoinds
  2. Yeah if you eat raw weed it doesn't do anything. The THC and shit hasnt been activiated. Just Smoke/cook/vaporize weed. Also $100 is nowhere near the cost of a pound of weed so I doubt this story too.
  3. lmao im sure he ate a pound of raw weed... that would take so long lol its almost like eating sand...
  4. You don't get high, but the weed will basically act as "fiber" and pass through.
  5. eating a pound you would probably feel horrible... although it is true weed does need to be heat activated, eating enough raw product will have you feeling something. in this case I think he had ingested a large enough amount to feel it (if said story is true, I doubt it.)

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